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New Non-Fiction Books at Peter White Public Library: Our new books also have new display shelving. These shelving units are on wheels and take up much less space than our previous book displays. Be sure to check out the new books and new furniture at PWPL.

“Brief Answers to the Big Questions” by Stephen Hawking

Short readings on complicated questions. Stephen addresses 10 BIG questions and gives readers insight into the importance of asking big questions. This book includes two introductions and one afterword, by family and friends of Stephen. This is a delightful read which will inspire deep thought and retrospect. Stephen gives his answer to the questions of: Is there a God? How did it all begin? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? Can we predict the future? And more.

New Adult Nonfiction 500 HA

“The Food Sharing Revolution: How Start-Ups, Pop-Ups, and Co-Ops are Changing the Way We Eat.” by Michael S Carolan

This book takes a hard look at big agribusiness and offers alternatives for folks interested in bucking the corporate food system. From crowd-sourced start-ups to shared equipment and co-op models this book offers a broad view of how we might change the way we think about food production.

New Adult Nonfiction 338.1973 CA

“Leelanau by Kayak” by Jon R Constant

Enjoy kayaking? How about the Leelanau Peninsula? If you responded yes to both (or one) of those questions, you should check out “Leelanau by Kayak.” From where to rent kayaks to preparing for your trip this book covers everything you would need to know to take off on an adventure. This book contains entries for 14 trips, 16 inland lakes, and 3 rivers. Each entry gives the reader information about the location and access. Trip entries include dates of travel, distance, strategies and features. Additionally, this book is full of photos and maps aplenty.

New Adult Nonfiction 797.122 CO

“Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set up and Maintain a Worm Composting System” by Mary Appelhof

The 35th Anniversary edition of the worm composting classic. If you’ve never had a worm composting bin at your home, I encourage you to try it. Aren’t sure you want a bin of worms at your house? Pick up this book, it will answer all the questions you may have. Start now and you’ll have fertilizer before the end of the growing season.

New Adult Nonfiction 639.75 AP

By Andrea Ingmire

Library Director


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