Superiorland Voices

IAN TORCHIA Marquette “I would like Presque Isle trails to be groomed in the winter for skiing. I’d also like to see a space for hammocking and slack lining created.”
JORMA LANKINEN Marquette “Keeping Presque Isle Park free for people to go. To eliminate the parking problem, I think there should be daytime walking hours and evening driving hours around the island.”
MICHELLE BAUMGARTNER Marquette “It would be great to have restrooms open in the winter and also have a hammocking section somewhere.”
BAILEY DENNIS Marquette “A place for hammocking. I think a lot of people like to do it.”
MAGGIE LIEBECK Marquette “There is no place for hammocking. I have no place to do it in my backyard, I’d like for there to be a public place for it.”

What additions or changes would you like to see in Marquette city parks?


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