Reading group to meet Thursday

MARQUETTE — The Transition Marquette County Reading Group will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, in the Dandelion Cottage Room of Peter White Public Library to discuss “The Wizard and The Prophet” by Charles C. Mann.

In 1948, William Vogt (the “Prophet” of the title) published “Road to Survival,” suggesting that humans should try to find balance and live within environmental limits. It helped found the environmentalism movement, and was something of a precursor to the 1972 report “The Limits to Growth.”

Norman Borlaug (the “Wizard”) is the Nobel-winning Midwest agronomist whose patiently bred strains of wheat led to the Green Revolution.

Mann tells the story of each of these two men, and leads us to consider in a variety of environmental contexts — is it better to live within limits or to push them?

Everyone is welcome to join in this conversation. For more information, call Charlie at 226-3314 or email