Dear Annie

Worried about a promiscuous woman

Dear Annie: My husband of 23 years has been working for a four-man department for that whole time. One man retired, so they will be hiring another person. A very qualified young man applied for the job. A married woman also applied. They are planning on hiring the woman. She currently works in a different department and is known for having a married man frequent the department for sexual relations. She also works part time in another small department and has had the married man meet her there for their rendezvous.

Annie, I have been losing sleep over this. The men in my husband’s department know about this but say that as long as her work gets done, it’s not their business. I am friends with this man’s wife. I don’t know whether I should tell her. I think she may know, because it’s a small town and everyone seems to know about it. Am I wrong to think they should hire the qualified man instead of the hot woman who likes married men? My husband thinks I’m overreacting. — Staying Faithful

Dear Staying Faithful: There are two issues wrapped into one here. To the question of whether to tell your friend that her husband is cheating — if you are absolutely sure he is cheating, then yes. Tell her. But be 100 percent certain you’re not sounding a false alarm. That bell can’t be un-rung.

To the question of whether that woman should be hired in your husband’s department — well, I haven’t seen her resume. But the co-workers are correct. As long as she does her job well and keeps things professional, her personal life is none of their business.

Rest easy. It takes two to cheat, so as long as you have faith in your husband, her presence there shouldn’t be anything you lose sleep over.

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