Superiorland voices: What bad habit are you proudest of breaking, or would you most like to break?

MATTHEW WILLIAMS Sault Ste. Marie "Not drinking a pot or two of coffee every day. Now it's one or two glasses. Stressed myself out drinking so much coffee."
GRACE EASLEY Colorado Springs, Col. "Sugar addiction. I'm still on the cusp, but there was a time when I was much worse. Refined sugars, at least, you can't cut out natural sugar completely."
GORDON LEWIS Colorado Springs, Col. "Procrastinating, to be honest. Putting things off. I still do it a little bit, since I play instruments for a living it's easy to put things off. Now I try to set a consistent schedule and try to set aside time, set limits, and make the most of my time."
JASON SCHNEIDER Clifton, NJ "I used to be addicted to eating those little flavor ice pops, I'd line up about six of them every night. It was a weakness."
TAYLOR FREEMAN Marquette, MI "I'd love to break my habit of wasting time on my phone and then wondering where all the time went."


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