KMI graduates from acclaimed international space program

By Journal Staff

MARQUETTE — Kall Morris Inc. of Marquette, an orbital debris remediation company co-founded by three Northern Michigan University alumni, announced its graduation from the 2022-23 Space stream of the Creative Destruction Lab program across four sites over four countries.

From nearly 40 companies worldwide that began the 2022-23 cohort, KMI was one of only 15 space program graduates.

KMI, founded by Adam Kall, director of science; Austin Morris, director of engineering; and Troy Morris, director of operations, is an orbital debris research and solution development company focused on active debris removal for keeping space clear.

Because of CDL, KMI has been able to focus, finesse and figure out with experts what is needed in the financial, technological, and executive future of the company. Working shoulder to shoulder with mentors across fields and experiences has been an extreme and continuing value, KMI said in a news release.

“While the CDL sessions were harrowing and challenging, we are thankful for the confidence and trust of the program in continuing to work with us over these many months and look forward to paying it forward as active alumni,” Troy Morris said in a news release. “KMI has some coming announcements that were coordinated and made possible by the efforts of our team and supporters, a category I happily consider Creative Destruction Lab part of.”

KMI engaged with astronauts, entrepreneurs, investors and scientists as mentors whose collaboration has become invaluable to KMI in furthering its mission, which expects significant advancements in forthcoming partnerships and efforts currently underway, to be announced soon, it said.

KMI joins the ranks of 2,900 companies that have completed the program, which combined carry an equity value of over $29 billion.

Through the Creative Destruction Lab program, KMI gained experiences and partners that will empower the company as it progresses its technology and furthers the solution for orbital debris through collaboration and ongoing projects toward “Keeping Space Clear for All,” KMI said.

With proprietary software, exclusive hardware, and critical partnerships, KMI said it aims for a commercially viable system for ADR of legacy assets — significant debris objects that are often unprepared, uncontrolled and potentially unrecognizable.

For more information, visit www.kallmorris.com.

The Creative Destruction Lab is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies. Its nine-month program allows founders to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, increasing their likelihood of success.


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