Munising Public Schools 2017-18 bus routes

Bus # 4 - Substitute Driver (Pink)

Koski Rd., AuTrain, AuTrain/Onota Bus Transfer, M-28 West of Ridge Rd., LaCombe Rd., M-28 East of LaCombe Rd, Ridge Rd., Hanson Hill Area, Jingle Bell Ln, Christmas Area, West Shore Rd., Brown’s Addition.

6:45 a.m.-1st Stop

Bus # 2 - Loren King (Orange)

Dana Lake, 440, FFH-13, East halfof Buckhorn Rd., Powell Lake, Lost Lake, Wetmore (East half of Cedar Street, Vartti Subdivision), Nelson St., Cemetery Rd., Alger Heights, Irish Hills, Native American Housing, Knox St

6:15 a.m.-1st Stop

Bus # 5 - Kelly King (Purple)

Rapid River Truck Trail, Doe Lake Rd., 16-Mile Lake Area, West half of Buckhorn Rd., M-94, M-28 (by Industrial Park), Hillside Apts., Trailer Court Area, Mill St.

6:35 a.m. -1st Stop

Bus # 1 - Rick Stephens (White)

Schierschmidt Rd., Indiantown Rd., H-58 to Miners Castle Rd., Miners Castle Rd., Carmody Rd., Rosewood Park, Hilltop Rd., Connors Rd., Miller Rd., Gates Rd., St. Martin’s Hill.

6:45 a.m. -1st Stop

Bus # 10 - Tom Bray (Green)

Clear Lake area, Boot Lake, M-94 Annex, Star Siding, Shingleton, H-15 to Percy Rd.,Percy Rd., M-28 to FFH-13, Wetmore (Prospect St., West 1/2 of Cedar St.),.

6:30 a.m. -1st Stop

Bus # 6 - Lisa Harger-Nelson (Yellow)

H-15 South of Percy Rd., Johnson Rd., Olson Rd., Melstrand, H-58 East of Miners Castle Rd., Monette Rd., Cox Addition, Washington St., Sand Pt. Rd., Foster’s Addition.

6:30 a.m. -1st Stop


Bus #5 will be making a pickup/drop-off at the alley between Superior Street and Onota Street on Maple Street alley, making a pick-up at the Chocolay Street entrance of Mather, Superior Street and Onota Street East of Hickory Street,.

Bus #4 will make a pickup/drop-off at Grins & Giggles, corner of Walnut Street, Superior Street West of Hemlock, West Munising Avenue, West of Roam Inn, and will stop at Munising High School in the afternoon after leaving Mather Elementary School.

Bus #10 will make a pickup/drop-off at Munising Motel/387, Krist Oil near Brook Street, West Prospect Street, Varnum Street East of Forest Service.

Please note K-12 will ride the same bus to and from school. Students will ride the same bus home that they rode to school in the morning.

Note: If children need to be dropped off anywhere other than the normal stop, a note to the bus driver from the Parent/Guardian is required.

Note: Times are subject to change during the first few weeks of school.


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