BLP announces 2019 Lighting Contest winners


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MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula may have received a lot of snow in the past few weeks but that hasn’t stopped the lights from shining brightly throughout Marquette County.

The Marquette Board of Light and Power has released its list of winners for the 2019 Lighting Contest. This is the 37th year the BLP has held the contest.

This year on the BLP website, https://mblp.org/news/lighting-contest, there is a new interactive map to click on. Visitors can view addresses and click on the map to see where the featured houses are located as well as a photo preview of what the lighting display looks like.

The BLP’s Matthew Zavislak, who acted as coordinator of this year’s Lighting Contest, said: “The Lighting Contest would not be possible without the community involvement. Thank you all for the effort that goes into decorating the lighting displays and the community support.”


Winners Circle

≤ Valarie and Rich Neault — 801 Silver Creek Road, Harvey

≤ The Carter Family — 1313 N. Vandenboom Ave., Marquette Township

≤ Gary Bell and Family — 1201 Tierney St., Marquette

Child Bright Delight

≤ Dan and Katie Parvu — 495 Brookton Road, Marquette Township

≤ Janeen L’Huillier — 1002 Wilson St., Marquette

≤ Brian Olson — 1881 McClellan Ave., Marquette

Frosty’s Favorites

≤ Josh Iwanicki — 603 Norwood St., Marquette

≤ Matt & Marie Dunham — 809 Homestead St., Marquette

≤ Dennis & Susie James — 9 Forest Drive, Negaunee Township

Elfin Magic

≤ Kim Brennan — 1516 Lincoln Ave., Marquette

≤ Dan Salmon — 1506 West Ave., Marquette

≤ Amber Emanuelson w/Robert & Tanner Linaires — 547 W. Bluff St., Marquette

Rudolf’s Rookies

≤ Jim and Cindy Acocks — 702 Mesnard St., Marquette

≤ Connie Bell — 2309 Presque Isle Ave., Marquette

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