Fishing on the big lake

Eli Alexander

Hi, my name is Eli Alexander. I’m in the second grade at Father Marquette Catholic Academy. I am going to tell you about an awesome fishing trip that I went on this past summer. I’ve never gone fishing on a boat in Lake Superior, so when our friends invited us, I felt excited.

We met in the morning at like 7 or 8. I don’t know exactly what time, but it was early. They got the boat ready and we got our life jackets on. Me, my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, this other guy and Josh, the owner of the boat, were all on board and we took off slowly from the harbor. You aren’t allowed to go out fast because you don’t want to get the other boats rocking and hit the dock.

The day was a nice sunny day and at first, I was cold, but then got hot later on. The boat was medium-sized and it had a partial cover that would keep the seats and everything dry in case it rained, but then it opened up so you could see the sky. There was a little area underneath that stored fishing poles and a bucket for going to the bathroom. I think it had like nine fishing poles attached to these things that stick off the side of the boat and you just stick your fishing pole in and you release the reel and it will go down and up. Our fishing poles only got tangled two times, once close to the beginning of the trip and once kind of close to the end. It took them about four minutes each time to get them untangled.

We were fishing for any fish that we could catch. We caught six trout and one salmon. The big trout was hard to reel in. I tried to reel it in. My sister tried. My mom tried to reel it in. My dad tried to reel it in and finally, Josh took the fishing pole and reeled it in. When he finally reeled it in we were all amazed. It was actually still on and pulling. It was getting loose, and it wasn’t actually pulling as hard, but we caught it. There was one fish that we almost caught. They had to get the net and they pulled it out of the water and when it was about to go into the net, it slipped right out.

After we caught six trout and one salmon it was getting kind of late, so we decided to head back in. Once we got back we put the fish in a cooler and we put the cooler onto a cart and pulled it over to Thill’s Fish House that my family owns. My grandpa cut out the trout cheeks for my birthday (which taste like chicken nuggets) and then he cut the heads off and cleaned the fish and then put them in bags. We weighed the heaviest fish and it was 6 pounds and altogether the fish weighed about 12 pounds. Then, we split the fish up between the families and everyone got a fair amount of fish. My grandpa cooked the fish that we caught. It was good! I like fish.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Eli Alexander is in the second grade at Father Marquette Catholic Academy. He likes to fish and loves cats.


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