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MARQUETTE — By being the first to market individual slices of ketchup, Marquette native Emily “Bo” Williams is transforming the condiment industry with the creation of Bo’s Fine Foods Slice of Sauce.

After experimenting with recipes handed down to her by her father, who formerly owned Ten O’ Clock Charlie’s in Marquette, Williams — much to her surprise — developed a no-mess, portable condiment that “adds a layer of flavor to anything from burgers and sandwiches to wraps and burritos.”

“The product tastes exactly like ketchup,” Williams said in an email. “It IS ketchup! It’s made from vine ripened tomatoes, vinegar, cane sugar, and spices.”

According to the website, Slice of Sauce ingredients are vegan, gluten-free and all-natural, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Since it’s in slice form, there’s no sticky mess or soggy bread, or other inconveniences stemming from liquid condiments.

The product comes in eight-slice packs and requires no refrigeration, which makes it portable and convenient for outdoor occasions and activities or just grabbing a bite on the go, the website states.

Slice of Sauce is available by pre-order for the first time through its crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

“It’s an all or nothing crowd-funding platform so if we reach our goal, we’ll be available online and in neighborhood grocers,” Williams said in a prepared statement. “I would love to distribute the product to local retailers once we’re funded. My husband and I recently became homeowners in the Marquette area and we are just so proud to be a part of this special community.”

Ketchup isn’t the only item Bo’s Fine Foods will release for public consumption — the company plans to explore a variety of other condiments as well.

“We have several new slices that we plan to launch in the upcoming months,” Williams said. “I’m most excited about our (barbecue) sauce, but we are looking forward to adding globally influenced flavors and other types of condiments as well.”

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