Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub celebrates 1st anniversary: Harvey eatery offers unique brews, BBQ and much more

The staff of Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub in Harvey are pictured.

MARQUETTE — Scott Arbour can hardly believe his Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub in Harvey has reached its first anniversary.

“Our first year went by fast!! While we have been open just over a year (as of) Oct. 21 we will recognize a year of service. We want to give back,” Arbour said. “In the recent news of the roof caving in at the Historic Vista Theater, on our local Negaunee landmark, we decided to dedicate and help raise some money to contribute. Our theme is unity within our community. While there is much division and debate, we can all agree community, bbq, craft beer and friends remain a uniting force in which we want to contribute.”

Arbour said the idea of opening the restaurant had been brewing in his mind for a bit.

“I had the idea for it about three years ago, and after the Chocolay Brewery closed. I’ve always had a passion for smoking meats,” he said. “Whether it was bbq competitions, smoking meats for private events, or just backyard grilling with family and friends, I’ve always appreciated how bbq and beer bring people together.

“It’s a time to eat, socialize, spend time with family and friends,” Arbour added. “Our family had the Big Boy establishments all across the Upper Peninsula along with Alexander’s Restaurant in Marquette and Escanaba. You could say it is in my blood, and look forward to carrying on the tradition,

while preserving the location in Harvey and an alternate place to eat.”

The exterior of Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub is shown. It is located at 200 W. Main St. in Harvey. The smokehouse and brewpub is celebrating its first anniversary and hosting a benefit for the Historic Vista Theater on Wednesday.

Arbour was looking for something different to bring to the table.

“With all of our great local establishments, smoked meats was the hole missing in our area. Right away on day 1, we had to have smoked brisket, ribs, and pork,” he said. “Those are the foundation to every backyard bbq we all love and enjoy. When we opened, we started out very simple, just to get staff trained, and the gears, so to speak, moving.

“As time went on, we added chicken, prime rib and andoullie sausage. We make everything from scratch, and continue to grow our smokehouse family,” Arbour said. “The fun and creativity of our chefs bring new ideas and limited time specials. We want a menu in which we can provide fresh, smoked daily offerings, a model that is somewhat new to our area. If we run out that’s it for the day. The goal is to keep our products new and fresh. A larger menu is harder to sustain.”Our customers can always count on our core menu. A Friday night fish fry is in our future.”

With the holiday season fast approaching, people should keep Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub in mind.

“Our indoor space and our outdoor beer garden makes us a great choice for Christmas parties and a great wedding reception venue. LSSB carries both on-site and off-site catering permits.”

Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub, like all other businesses, was impacted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“The pandemic affected all of us. Being a new business, there was a lot of sleepless nights as our future hung in uncertainty. When the closure orders came down, we decided to stay open for car side in hopes we could at least provide comfort foods, and had a staff willing to see it through” he said. “We learned unique new ways to be efficient, safe, sanitary. When we think of comfort, bbq, beer, friends, what else comes to mind? Music!! We want to support our local musicians. Music has a way of healing the soul. We update our Facebook regularly on different musicians we host throughout the week.”

Arbour and his crew at Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub want people to know they can expect something unique when they stop in.

“We are locally owned and operated. We use only fresh high quality cuts. We brew six of our own beers right in house, that pair with our food extremely well,” he said. “Community is important and want to give back to the ones that afford us the opportunity to do so. We have one of Michigan’s few, self-serve beer tap tables. Customers are able to try many different beers styles, and only pay for what you pour. This charges by the ounce. We have 12 different self-serve types, and don’t have to commit to a pint of each, lowering the risk of over pouring to intoxication.”

Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub is located at 200 W. Main St. in Harvey. It can be contacted at 906-273-0952. Its website is lakesuperiorsmokehouse.com and it can be found on Facebook by searching for Lake Superior Smokehouse and Brewpub.

LSSB is open from noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and from noon to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. It’s closed Sunday and Monday.

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