RESTING WELL: Marquette’s Levata Sleep offers state-of-the-art treatment for sleep apnea

Dr. Anja Hoffstrom, DDS, founder of Levata Sleep, right, speaks with a patient. (Journal photo by Amy Grigas)

MARQUETTE — Some people think it’s normal to wake up tired, to feel exhausted throughout the day, to take daily naps, or that snoring is unavoidable.

“Those symptoms are not normal. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that disrupts normal sleep patterns and can reduce blood oxygen levels, which may result in excessive daytime sleepiness, heart disease, stroke, atrial fibrillation, Type 2 diabetes, morning headaches, motor vehicle accidents, depression, anxiety or memory loss. Sleep apnea affects almost every part of your body. It’s a chronic condition where the individual can stop breathing hundreds of times over the course of the night or a person could show no external signs but their oxygen levels could drop dangerously low causing massive stress on their organs,” said Dr. Hoffstrom, founder of Levata Sleep.

“Some people do not realize how serious sleep apnea is,” said Heather Norman, Director of Marketing and Physician Services. “Sleep apnea can make pre-existing health conditions worse.”

“The stereotype of a sleep apnea sufferer is a middle-aged man with a thick neck but now we’re seeing athletes who suffer from sleep apnea and people in their 30’s, really anyone can,” she explained. And the health factors that put people at high risk during the COVID-19 pandemic — diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma — are the same conditions that can be worsened due to sleep apnea.

Norman said if someone wonders about sleep apn

ea but does not know where to start, the first step would be to call Levata Sleep.

From left, Dr. Anja Hoffstrom, DDS, founder of Levata Sleep,and Heather Norman, director of marketing and physician services at Levata Sleep, are shown. (Journal photo by Amy Grigas)

“We offer a free consultation,” Norman said. “We explain what sleep apnea is and how it is affecting them. We explain what an oral appliance is and look at what the patient’s insurance coverage would be. We basically give our patients the information they need to make an educated decision about their health.”

Norman said CPAP is the gold standard of treatment for severe sleep apnea patients. CPAP works by using a mask over the face that blows air continuously down the airway, holding it open to prevent a collapse of the airway. However, many patients cannot tolerate CPAP. This can be due to the nasal passages drying out, claustrophobia, the inability to sleep with the mask, and many other reasons.

Dr. Hoffstrom offers a treatment alternative for patients with mild or moderate sleep apnea and those who are CPAP-intolerant. Oral Appliance Therapy treats sleep apnea using a device that fits over the upper and lower teeth, holding the lower jaw forward slightly, preventing the airway from collapsing. These appliances are called mandibular advancement devices and they are custom made for each patient.

During your free consultation, Dr. Hoffstrom will determine if you are a candidate for an oral appliance and which device will work best for you. Oral appliances are small, easy to care for, easy to travel with and most importantly they are an effective way to treat your sleep apnea.

“Levata Sleep offers another option. We want to ensure that everyone is treating their sleep apnea, with the treatment that works best for them,” Norman said.

A mandibular advancement device for sleep apnea is shown at Levata Sleep in Marquette. (Journal photo by Amy Grigas)

Levata Sleep was founded by local dentist Dr. Anja Hoffstrom at the start of 2020. Meaning “to rest” in Finnish, Levata is a salute to Dr. Hoffstrom’s Finnish heritage. Dr. Hoffstrom earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan. She is a member of the International Academy of Sleep, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Dental Association, and the Michigan Dental Association.

Inspired by family members affected by sleep apnea, Dr. Hoffstrom is committed to utilizing state of the art techniques and technology to improve the quality of life of her patients.

To learn more about Levata Sleep, which is located at 1055 W. Fair Ave in Marquette, call 1-906-242-2443 or email info@levatasleep.com. The website is levatasleep.com and the Facebook page can be found by searching for Levata Sleep.

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