THIS WEEK’S BUSINESS PROFILE: Northern Michigan Land Brokers

Recent Marquette Listings (green) and Houghton Listings (yellow) show how very active Northern Michigan Land Brokers are.
Shane Clement
Dave Gunnell

MARQUETTE — Looking for a new home? Is a camp or cottage on the wish list? In search of the perfect property for the small business you have always dreamed of opening? Perhaps that dream parcel of waterfront or woodlands?

Northern Michigan Land Brokers are ready to help you with that. They know their way around the entire Upper Peninsula and with offices in Marquette and Houghton, can assist people in finding the most highly desirable property in the region.

Owner Bob Sullivan started the business more than 18 years ago and now Rob Sullivan has recently become part owner as well after working as an Agent and Associate Broker for over a decade. The company continues to grow with the addition of two more agents in Marquette.

Right now, the real estate market is strong in the Upper Peninsula, said Agent Susan Feldhauser.

“The demand for land and for homes is strong,” Feldhauser said. “Homes near Marquette are selling swiftly. If it’s priced at under $250,000, it goes quickly.”

Associate Broker Brian Olson added: “Once the quarantine was over, the virus hasn’t slowed us down at all.”

Many people from all over the Midwest — Wisconsin, Illinois, lower Michigan and throughout the nation — are coming to the U.P. to find a “second” place.

“I would like as always to emphasize that while we are the number one brokerage in the entire U.P. for vacant land sales, we’re not just a l and broker, but we are full service … homes, camps, commercial, farms, vacant land … we do it all,” Feldhause said.

“In addition to our services to buyers and sellers as a traditional Real Estate Brokerage, we take it a step further with our consulting services. Any licensed Real Estate Agent can help sell a property, but we work to ensure you realize the value of your most important assets. With our industry leading knowledge and quality relationships with trusted business partners, we can help our clients with any aspect of property ownership. This includes investment consulting, land management, and property management services.”

Recent additions to the staff are Dave Gunnell, agent, and Shane Clement, agent. In addition to them, Feldhauser and Olson, other members of the NMLB team are: Bob Sullivan, broker/owner; Charles Drury, agent; Dale Gordon, agent (Houghton office); Donald Willson, agent; Harold Rapson, agent (Houghton); Jeremy Rowe, agent (Houghton); Josh Stein, associate broker and owner-manager (Houghton); Julie Waara, agent (Houghton); Rebecca Zander, agent (Houghton); and Rob Sullivan, associate broker and office manager.

As the NMLB website reads: “We know the land, we love the land and we’re here to ensure that your real estate and land brokerage needs are met. Along with our expertise in vacant land and waterfront properties, Northern Michigan Land Brokers also has dedicated residential sales agents ready to serve you in the sale of your existing home, or purchase of a new home.”

To keep prospective buyers/sellers in the loop, Feldhauser emails a newsletter each Wednesday to subscribers.

“It will have an article that is real-estate related plus maybe outdoors subjects,” Feldhauser said. “It touches on a variety of subjects.”

Northern Michigan Land Brokers also maintains a strong presence on the web. Its website is northernmichiganlandbrokers.com.

On Facebook, search for Northern Michigan Land Brokers. On Twitter, search for NorthernMichiganLand @LandBrokers. On YouTube it’s NorthernMichiganLand. On Instagram, it’s northernmichiganland. For Linkedin, look for Northern Michigan Land Brokers.

Northern Michigan Land Brokers Marquette office can be reached at 906-225-LAND(5263) or toll free at 866-231-5263.

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