News from the Greater Munising Area: Art in the Alley: A sure sign of summer in Alger County


Munising’s Art in the Alley, which is sandwiched between the former Corktown Bar and Harvest House, was recently put up, transforming the area into an art exhibit as it displays over 70 reproduced works of art from Alger County residents. Spearheaded by the Munising Downtown Development Authority and Alger County Chamber of Commerce, the alley – which is located a block south of Munising Avenue between Superior Street and Elm Avenue – has become a sure sign of the summer season.

A year ago, I started working for the DDA and Chamber/Partnership and one of the first things I helped the office with was the alley. We had a wonderful group of volunteers from Munising and members of the Great Lakes Conservation Corp help put the fencing, artwork and lights up. We also picked up trash and plant flowers in the alley and downtown flowerpots.

It was a couple days well spent and a fun introduction to my new job in the city I grew up in. This year, our office handled the alley project quite a bit differently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than basking in the camaraderie of completing a beautification project with others, it was a fairly solitary event. Although we wished we could have welcomed the help of others, we were glad to be able to put it up again.

Further down the road, photographs of each graduating senior are displayed on boards in front of the Munising High and Middle School. Like many others throughout the world, it’s the school’s way of showing support to the class of 2020 – the group who had to say goodbye to their teachers, schoolmates, and friends in the classroom setting earlier than anticipated.

Hearts and words of encouragement are still found in the windows of homes and businesses throughout Alger County as retail stores, restaurants, and bars were recently given the OK from the state to open back up for indoor services.

Attractions, like kayak and boat tours, are rearing to open soon if not already available. With the warmer weather we’ve had, thick leaves have grown on the trees that hug the hills surrounding the city. It’s an interesting time to be alive, but also beautiful.

Everyday I’m grateful I live here – in a community and peninsula that is so supportive of its residents and neighbors. While it’s going to be an interesting summer, our office has several exciting projects forthcoming. However, that’s a story for another column.

Stay safe and be kind, always.

Editor’s note: Jaymie Depew is the communications and special project assistant for the Alger County Chamber of Commerce/Greater Munising Bay Partnership for Commerce Development, Munising Downtown Development Authority and Munising Visitors Bureau.


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