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Construction, collaboration in Marquette County

Amy Clickner, CEO, Lake Superior Community Partnership

If you read my column, hang in there with me this week as it will be all over the board. Normally, I have a single subject that unfolds in my mind and ends up on my computer. Today, there are a plethora of topics floating around that I would like to tackle.

First, let’s talk about the construction happening in the region. It can be frustrating to get around and create traffic jams that we simply aren’t used to, right? Nails in tires, rocks in windshields and dirty cars. No fun. But what if you shift the way you think about it? As an economic developer, we love construction! Not only does it support construction jobs (and others), the projects need products and services that our local businesses may provide, workers imported to the job sites need a place to stay and eat, tax revenue increases and at the end of the day we have new infrastructure in our community to enjoy and market.

While road construction can be difficult at times, remember that there are businesses located on or near those routes that still rely on customers to be successful. So, while it may take a few extra turns for now, please don’t avoid doing business with those impacted by the work being done.

On another note, at a recent conference there was discussion around the lack of awareness by the general public of the types of services economic development organizations provide. I found that to be interesting and thought I had better hit the subject head on this week!

At the LSCP, we like to say we serve all sizes, all sectors and all stages of businesses. Think of it as the “life cycle” of economic development where we can play a role in assisting you as early as the creation of your business plan through the implementation of your succession plan. Plus we partner with a variety of organizations across the state and region that we connect you with along your journey. In economic development, collaboration is key.

Do you need to write a business plan? Are you aware of any licensing and regularity requirements for your business? Looking for gap financing? Perhaps you qualify for a state program? Need help breaking into a new territory or country? How about a new product or service you want to add? Looking for a site to build or lease? An expansion on the horizon?

On the flip side, are you facing any challenges? In need of talent? Problems with your supply chain? Issues with a regulatory agency?

Maybe you simply want to talk about your idea and what your next steps would be or need to find a connection at the local, state or federal level. We are here for you!

Last year alone, we provided services to 500 businesses at no cost. Our investors invest to make sure that we have these supports ready and available for all businesses. They understand the value of having a knowledgeable and professional team ready to serve.

For more information on what the LSCP does or how you can invest, head to our website marquette.org or call 906-226-6591.

Editor’s NOTE: Amy Clickner is CEO of the Lake Superior Community Partnership. Her twice-monthly column will address topics of interest to the local business community.


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