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This photo shows the exterior of the Marquette Professional Building along Wilson Street in Marquette. (Courtesy photo)
This photo shows the interior of the Marquette Professional Building along Wilson Street in Marquette. (Courtesy photo)

As a California based real estate investor, Les Zador had seen real estate booms and busts on the West Coast come and go once too often and wanted to try if not a more sensible approach, then at least one less likely to take years off one’s life. The approach? Invest in a more stable environment where, at least as rumor had it, people were, generally speaking, more committed to their community and in most cases reasonably pleasant and trustworthy. And so, after spending a few months familiarizing himself with the rest of the country and the availability of commercial real estate, he made an offer and acquired the office building located at 1230 Wilson Street in Marquette. That was 13 years ago.

Today, Les and his wife, Ania, own and manage several buildings throughout the Great Lakes Region of the Midwest; but their Marquette property continues to remain the one in which they take the greatest pride of ownership. But for Ania and Les, their relationship to Marquette isn’t just all business. As she tells it, “We’ve been to Marquette something like a couple dozen times. Not just for our real estate, but because we have friends here; and we’re always glad to see them.”

Effective September 30, 2019, AECOM, the engineering firm that currently occupies three quarters of their building, will be vacating; and better than 12,000 SF of space in the Marquette Professional Building will become available. “Built in 2004, the style is modern with the quality of construction easily exceeding code requirements,” explains Les; “and its open spaces are easily configured to specific tenant requirements, including but not limited to office and medical building use.” The upper level fronts Wilson Street, while the lower level with its own separate entrance fronts McClellan Avenue, one of the main traffic routes in Marquette. The parking is fully lighted; and the grounds, beautifully landscaped. There are 76 parking stalls of which 59 are assigned to the available space (approximately 4.8 cars per each 1,000 SF of building). The building is air-conditioned and fully sprinklered with heating a combination of radiant in-floor and high efficiency gas-fired forced air (HVAC). Fiber optic high speed Internet is available; and construction is of reinforced concrete walls, structural steel frame, and brick veneer.

For more information, Call Les at 818-995-9448 or check out the property brochure at www.marquetteprofessional.com.

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