In brief 10/8/18

UPHS-Marquette adds new staffers

MARQUETTE — UP Health System-Marquette recently announced the addition of new staff members, Dr. Shawn Brown and Dr. Jose Pino-y-Torres.

Brown has joined the UPHS’s Emergency Medicine staff and Pino-y-Torres has become a member of the hospital’s radiation/oncology staff.

Recently, Brown served as a physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine for St. Luke’s Hospital, working clinically there and serving as the physician liaison for emergency preparedness and mass casualty planning.

Brown earned a bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Northern Michigan University, and later her doctorate of medicine at the University of Michigan.

With her dad working as a firefighter paramedic, as a child, there were plenty of emergency stories for Dr. Brown to hear. These piqued her interest into pursuing a career in emergency medicine.

“Emergency medicine is the same thing everywhere, and it’s nice to be able to be in an area where people appreciate it,” Dr. Brown said. “I’m happy to be there for people who are my neighbors.”

Pino-y-Torres has worked in the oncology field since 1972. He most recently worked for a year as a radiation oncologist at the Morey Cancer Center, and 12 years before that as the medical director and radiation oncologist at Upper Delaware Valley Cancer Center.

“I love the staff here,” he said of the Marquette hospital. “We’re in constant contact with the patients, so you need to be a people person. That’s what basically makes the team here.”

Pino-y-Torres earned his undergraduate degree at College San Jose, and completed medical school at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He later finished his residency at the University of Minnesota, Affiliated Hospitals and held fellowships at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Johns Hopkins Hospital.