Chamber Chat: Oh Magic 8 Ball, what will the New Year bring?

Bob Hendrickson

There’s always been the analogy that if businesses only had a crystal ball to see into the future things would be so much easier. A year after the infamous close of 2020 nobody could have predicted the challenges businesses would have to overcome in 2021.

Recently, I played an online version of Magic 8 Ball, asking what will the fate of 2022 bring? The answer, “Reply Hazy, Try Again”

I decided not to shake again figuring perhaps it was a sign that most likely this is what we could expect going into the new year.

Things are probably going to be a bit hazy for a while and that’s OK, because I feel we’ve developed many skills over the past two years that will help us cope and navigate the hazy world of COVID, supply chain issues and labor shortages (only a few of the challenges facing businesses in the next 12 months).

Remember the over used word “pivot” a year ago? Well, I’ve seen most small businesses doing it all through 2021. Challenges like: the parts didn’t show up, the employee call in sick or quite the other day, or my favorite, “That 2X4 costs how much?”

But here we are, still doing business. Not to say there’s not been some lingering and permanent damage done. Things have changed and we’ve adapted as business owners, community leaders and citizens.

So, as we go into 2022, let’s not do business as usual.

Let’s be innovative, fair, customer-driven and resourceful. These are the things that build a strong business foundation.

As a chamber of commerce, we plan to follow those directives too. What does our membership need from us to help them succeed? How can we do more with less? What do we need to do to be a better chamber?

These are just some questions we look to answer as the GINCC goes into the new year. I hope our membership and communities challenge themselves in the same way. By doing so we’ll come out stronger on the other side and not rely on shaking a Magic 8 Ball to search for answers, because those things are vague at best.

To learn more about the GINCC, visit our website at www.gincc.org, give us a call or stop in. Office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. We are at times out of office on Chamber business. Please call ahead to confirm a visit, 906-486-1111.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bob Hendrickson is the executive director of the GINCC. He currently resides in Negaunee with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Sierra. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, fishing and hunting along with family time.


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