News from the Greater Munising Area: Warmer days on the horizon

Jaymie Depew, communications and special project assistant, Alger County Chamber of Commerce/Greater Munising Bay Partnership for Commerce Development, Munising Downtown Development Authority and Munising Visitors Bureau

Waterfalls are now flowing thunderously into streams and rivers and the ice has mostly thawed around Munising Bay. Higher temperatures are projected throughout the week, and the welcome signs on the eastern and western ends of Munising were switched from images of ice caves and snowmobiling to summertime scenes of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Although remnants of snow piles still linger throughout the area, there are sure signs that warmer days are on the horizon.

Twenty serene waterfalls, historic lighthouses, hundreds of miles of trails and several white sandy beaches are located throughout Alger County as the area encompasses the Pictured Rocks park, Hiawatha National Forest, Grand Island National Recreational Area and Alger Underwater Preserve. It’s truly a haven for anyone looking for an adventure in the great outdoors. While it’s important that everyone remain safe and continue to practice social and physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, Alger County will be ready for you when the time is right.

In a recent MLive article, Cori-Ann Cearley, president of the Munising Visitors Bureau said: “This has been a time to really hit pause, reflect, relax and look forward to the days that we can again take advantage of the natural beauty of Pictured Rocks, our hiking trails and our waterfalls – but the most important thing is that we do it when it’s safe and when people are healthy. The outdoors, going on an adventure, and seeing things that bring you joy or doing something that you never have before are great stress-relievers. I think everyone will be ready once that time comes, and we’re going to be here when it does.”

In the meantime, several events and festivals throughout the county have been canceled or postponed due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19, including:

Fourth of July celebrations in Munising are cancelled.

The Grand Island Trail Marathon scheduled for July 25 is cancelled.

The annual dinner of the Alger County Chamber of Commerce, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 5, at Munising Moose Lodge, is temporarily postponed until further notice.

The 8th annual Pictured Rocks Days, which is also hosted by the Chamber and was slated to take place on June 13-14, is cancelled. Pictured Rocks Cruises also cancelled its Yoopers Ride Free event, which is held in conjunction with Pictured Rocks Days. However, Pictured Rocks Days – Yoopers Ride Free will take place on June 12-13, 2021 – so mark your calendars! We’re looking forward to celebrating with everyone again once everything is settled.

Editor’s note: Jaymie Depew is the communications and special project assistant for the Alger County Chamber of Commerce/Greater Munising Bay Partnership for Commerce Development, Munising Downtown Development Authority and Munising Visitors Bureau.


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