THIS WEEK’S BUSINESS PROFILE: Baker Street Home Inspections: Providing homeowners peace of mind

Chris Pesola is shown inspecting a furnace recently at a home inspection in Marquette. (Courtesy photo)

When purchasing or building a new home peace of mind is always number one. Making sure systems are in place correctly and that they will continue to operate for years to come is important to any buyer, and having your home inspected by properly trained inspectors can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the years.

“Our inspections are designed to help people understand any existing or futures issues in addition to any unsafe or non-conforming items. We can help identify these and place a value on their repair” said Chris Pesola. “Any home is the single largest investment a person will likely ever make, and having a professional inspection done is key to providing you with this peace.”

Home inspections are a very important part of any home sale process and a quality report is necessary to make this process clear and easy to understand.

Baker Street Home Inspections is your guide to new or existing home purchases. Located at 2600 Highway US 41 West (906)-273-1717. We service the Marquette and surrounding areas for your needs. We provide easy to understand reports and go the extra step to make sure you are getting all the information needed to purchase your new home. Our services include, mold and air quality testing, radon testing, water testing, and specialized blower door air infiltration testing for both new and existing homes, along with a complete full service home inspection process. 

With three full-time inspectors with building experience and the knowledge to help you understand any issues or concerns with your home. Brian and Chris Pesola are licensed builders and have been in the home industry for over 30 years. John Anderson has been a certified Home Inspector for many years. Being a certified home inspector, along with a building license, make us a very trusted source for your home inspection needs. Our inspection is very easy to understand and the reports are easy to follow.

We will inspect mechanicals, plumbing, electrical, roof, siding, and ventilation. Insulation foundation, and all other areas of a home inside and out. Same day reporting is available in color and many details will be included with pictures and comment sections.

On new construction we can perform the required Blower Door tests to make sure the home conforms to Michigan Energy Code, along with a number of other new construction inspections.

We also offer a 100-day warranty package for the major home systems, sewer and septic systems, and an appliance database recall check.

Our exterior inspections will review roofs, chimneys, flashing, and valleys. We look at windows and trim along with siding. We take the time to review landscaping, drainage, gutters and downspouts. Our interior evaluation includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, walls floors and ceilings, structure, foundation, and ventilation. Baker Street Home Inspections has certification with AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training) and InterNACHI. Our experience and expertise will be valuable to your new homes extended life. Visit our website and or check us out on Facebook. We look forward to serving you.

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