Letters to the Editor

Assist CCI in being competitive

To the Journal editor:

The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co. is considering opening the Empire Mine. CCI has been the founding company in the Upper Peninsula for decades. If a new company offered to come and build, they would be offered incentives to build here.

Why not offer CCI these incentives to remain competitive in the iron industry?

Stephen Olsen


Support Baldini legacy

To the Journal editor:

The Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation has been honored to partner with the family of Tom Baldini in establishing a new scholarship in his memory. Tom served for many years as a foundation board director, president and before he retired, as a teacher and administrator for Marquette Schools. He was tireless in his determination to help our students improve their learning experiences before and after graduation. Tom was a friend, a mentor and an inspiration to all those lucky enough to serve alongside him.

We offer our thanks to all those that have contributed to this scholarship. Your selfless donations are helping to continue the legacy of Tom Baldini.

This year and every year in May, a graduating senior will receive the Tom Baldini Scholarship in his memory. Beginning this year, we will strive to convey to that young person Tom’s exuberant spirit for community service, education and always trying your best to improve the world we live in.

All of you that sat on a board with Tom Baldini or are his former students, co-workers, friends and acquaintance please consider supporting the memory of our good friend by making a donation to the Tom Baldini Scholarship. Please send your tax deductible donation to MAPS Education Foundation at 1201 W. Fair Ave, Marquette, MI 49855, noting the Baldini Scholarship in the memo line of the contribution.

Judy Vonck, president

Education Foundation

Marquette Area Public Schools

GOP lacking when it counts

To the Journal editor:

President Trump spoke Feb. 22 to the media after the AR-15 massacre in Florida, aka, lately, the “Gunshine State.” Mr. Trump said America’s teachers should carry guns to make their schools safer, instead of having armed guards on site: “It would look terrible. Having guards in schools. Just terrible,” he said. “It would look like an armed camp.” Like it looks “terrible” today at the entrance to the U.S. Capitol? At White House entry gates and at the TSA gates at our airports? Is this man dumb or blind? All Americans — and especially our children — deserve the same protections as the people who supposedly “represent us”— in Congress. The citizens of other nations get this protection now — via sensible gun-control laws and other measures — in every other civilized modern democracy on the planet? (And, yes, people can still hunt in these countries. Defend their homes with 12 ga shotguns, etc.) So: Why not here?

Once our “leaders” figure this out. Once they are taught — because it is the kids and their parents who are doing the teaching now — we the people can move on to other common-sense truths. Like how the average American also deserves the same health care and other benefits as the people we employ, now, today, in Congress.

The so-called “leaders” we taxpayers pay to protect and defend us from harm. They have failed us, for a while now, on both counts. Time’s UP! (No word, BTW, from our 1st Congressional District GOP Rep. Jack Bergman: The “MARINE!” has been busy fighting cormorants and fending off thoughts and prayers checks from irate constituents.)

Dixon Dudderar

Harbor Springs

Justice defined for one and all

To the Journal editor:

As part of just immigration reform, We the People ask:

Is it just to give citizenship to “Dreamers?”

Is it just to build President Trump’s U.S.A.-Mexico border wall?

We answer our questions by 1. Describing the situation of “Dreamers” and giving reasons “Dreamers” should be given citizenship, 2. Suggesting the main reason President Trump insists on a border wall, and 3. Applying our great American value justice for all.

“Dreamers” are immigrants brought into our country illegally as children. President Obama issued the executive order Deferred Action for Childhood

Arrivals in which “Dreamers” receive a renewable two year period of deferred action from deportation and are eligible for a work permit. In September President Trump canceled DACA and in March it will expire.

Major reasons for citizenship for “Dreamers” include 1. scientific evidence proving we need “Dreamers” as replacement workers for our aging population, 2. scientific evidence proving we need “Dreamers” as workers to fill existing jobs because unemployment is at a 17-year low, and 3. lacking scientific evidence proving immigrants take jobs away from Americans.

President Trump’s main reason for building the border wall is playing to the economic and racial anxieties, fears, opinions and prejudices of his supporters.

Furthermore, scientific evidence proves President Trump’s border wall is not needed because illegal immigration has sharply declined in recent years due to improved immigration enforcement.

To answer our questions, We the People apply our great American value justice for all that is declared in our Pledge of Allegiance.

We oppose policy and practice benefiting the few President Trump supporters, and we support policy and practice benefiting all.

We need “Dreamers” to fill jobs benefiting all.

We need to spend the $25 billion required to build the unneeded border wall on projects benefiting all. These projects include 1. Creating high-paying jobs repairing highways with trickle-over benefits for all, 2. Creating government-run and tax-financed education and health care for all, and 3. Creating universal basic income of $1,000 per month for all to progress just incomes for all.

Based on justice for all, we declare:

It is just to give “Dreamers” citizenship.

It is not just to build President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Justice for all!

Gordon Peterson


Editor’s note: This letter writer should not be confused with Gordon J. Peterson, a retired funeral director who worked many years for Swanson-Lundquist Funeral Home in Marquette.