Letters to the editor

Homelessness requires innovative solutions

To the Journal editor:

It’s been darn cold outside and there seems to be a lot of homeless people still in search of a warm place to put their head at night.

Wonder what (Duke LifePoint) will be doing with the old St. Luke’s part of the hospital when they’re gone to the new hospital. Perhaps it could be donated to the city of Marquette. It could house many homeless people as well as families.

The churches that share sleeping places in the winter could run it. The utilities maybe could give the building a break on their bills, local businesses could donate beds perhaps, etc. Dorm rooms could be set up and also family areas as well.

It would be nice then if a nurse, a person with the unemployment agency or the like, a counselor, etc., could be sent there half a day a week to check on their health, see what jobs they may qualify for and get them headed in the right direction if need be.

Just a thought, long-term solutions are much better than a Band-Aid. The problem will never go away so it’s time to address it.

Just food for thought.

Or they could donated the whole hospital, part for housing, part for a clinic and the kitchen can be used to feed those people.

Mary Peterson