Have you done your good deed yet?

Friday’s the big day: Spread Goodness Day, created by Marquette resident Anna Dravland in an effort to help people realize that every good deed can have a positive impact on the world.

Dravland has forged ahead with Spread Goodness Day despite having faced a daunting challenge: recovering from a stroke that hit her out of the blue at age 34. She’s working on completing her recovery but has kept going with promoting Spread Goodness Day.

She is truly an inspiration.

For those unaware with Spread Goodness Day, Dravland’s idea is to encourage people to commit acts of goodness, large and small, as individuals or groups.

It would be as easy as opening a door or offering a hug. Many local organizations have been able to plan events that will benefit many people and give many others a chance to spread goodness.With hundreds of participants and events already listed on the website of Spread Goodness Day, it’s clear that Dravland’s inspiring message has already helped to make the future brighter. People from across the nation have reached out to Dravland about the event.

“I’ve realized, particularly over the past few weeks that there are organizations, schools, businesses and individuals planning events, activities and acts of goodness on that day that I had no idea about,” Dravland has said.“That’s what I wanted, to create a platform that is very easy for people to participate in, no matter what or who they are, whether they’re a social media monster or just a family that wants to get together and go pick up garbage or open doors for people. It’s definitely becoming something much bigger, people are definitely planning a lot of more large initiatives and really cool, amazing events that will make definite and quantifiable differences in the community and well beyond.”

For more information on how to spread goodness, visit alexpalzewicz.wixsite.com/spreadgoodnessday/events.

We hope everyone gets on board with this amazing idea.