Cheer Club

Recent contributors to The Mining Journal Cheer Club include:

Toni Lahti, Ishpeming

Earl and Jean Eliason, Champion

Ozzy and Judy Altobello, Ishpeming

Brady Dobson, Ishpeming

Marie Rogers, Negaunee

Brian and Kim Smolich, Ishpeming

Lee and Sue Goldsworthy, Ishpeming

Ishpeming High School Class of 1950

Nina Parkkonen, in memory of Charlie and Donna Nettle

Brian and Wendy Pesola

Alison and Jerry Cory

Douglas and Arlyn Morton

Therese and Roger DePetro

Kyna and Idalia Berry

Christopher and Jillian Erspamer

Russ and Elaine Ault, Negaunee

In memory of Ryan Todd Bur

Maurie, Patti and Stella D’Herckens

Rochelle and Kaile Milano, Marquette

AFSCME Local 1852

Dorilla Sansom, Negaunee

In memory of Vern L’Huillier, Marquette

American Legion Auxiliary Post 44

Stulz Family

George and Sue Amlott

Ben and Judy Vanni, Negaunee

Dave, Melinda and Casey, Marquette

Stephanie and Maddie McMahon, Marquette

Yackel family, Marquette

Patty Cornish, Ishpeming

Axel and Nelia Carlson, Ishpeming

Megan and Brett DeLong, Negaunee

Buzz the Gut crew: Scott “Skids” Perry, Terry Surrell, Dave Karhi, Dennis Sippola and Bill Hill

In memory of Cara Zanetti, Marquette

Bob and Marie Dobbs, Negaunee

In memory of Barb Obserstar from Peter John Closner

Ann and Carolyn Patterson, Marquette

Marianne Novotny

Dennis and Ann Bocklund, Marquette

Marquette County Genealogical Society

David and Judy Wills, Gwinn

Pathways Community Mental Health, Marquette

Randy and Amy Hubinbeck, Marquette

Marquette Board of Light and Power, Marquette

Bill and Monica McKenny, Marquette

Sally Davis and Dave Campana, Marquette

Eeva Miller, Marquette

Judy DePetro, Marquette

Joanne Marjonen, Gwinn

John and Kayce Reinutson, Marquette

Brynn and Brody Sheldon, Marquette

Bodi Bennett, Marquette

Rita and Tony Ebli, Marquette

Tom Argetsinger, Marquette

Shelby and Richard Kortum, Marquette

Life Skills Class at Marquette Senior High School

Ed Ledvina, Marquette

Satellite Services Inc., Marquette

Jack Piirala, Marquette

Dave Edwards, Marquette

Ida and Henrick Larsen, Marquette

Sam and Jax Reissner, Marquette

William Gordon, Marquette

Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary 22, Marquette

Marlene and John Ennett, Negaunee Township

Tim and Dianne Bennett, Marquette

Darlene and Ward Rantala, Marquette

Fran and Bill Waters, Marquette

Hendrickson family, Negaunee

Anesthesiology of Marquette

Members of the Marquette Golf Club

Mrs. Gustitis’s Fifth-Grade Class, KI Sawyer Elementary

Evee Sampson, Marquette

Terry and Rick Hartwig, Marquette