9 Best Jobs for Introverts to Feel Fulfilled

Some people thrive on human interaction, but this certainly isn’t true of everyone. Perhaps you’re an introvert. Introverted personality means that jobs that involve a lot of social interactions can be especially draining. 

The good news is that there are jobs for introverts to thrive in that don’t require an excess of human contact. There are plenty of jobs that are perfect for those who prefer to  work independently, work remotely, or in small groups with minimal social interactions. If you are an introvert looking for a job that makes you feel welcomed, here are a few potential career paths that won’t disrupt your peace.

1. Writer

Do you enjoy reading? If so, a career as a writer might be the right fit for you. Writers can work in a variety of different fields, including journalism, marketing, and even technical writing. Depending on your speciality, a writer can expect a median salary of $69,510.

The best part about being a writer is that it’s a job that can be done almost entirely from home. In addition to common remote job opportunities for writers, you can also freelance and set your own hours. This is a job for introverts that want to avoid having to go into an office every day.

2. Statistician

Here’s another one for number crunchers. If you don’t like interacting with people but don’t mind considering them as statistical data then you might decide to become a statistician

It may be no easy task, since job requirements for a statistician entails master’s education and a firm understanding of mathematics. However, once you earn your degrees, you’ll work alone most of the time. It’ll just be you and the numbers–and they won’t even necessarily involve people. 

Plus, this job for introverts pays great. In 2021, the median salary for statisticians come in at $95,570

3. Graphic Designer 

If you have a great eye for aesthetics, becoming a graphic designer may be the position for you. As a graphic designer, you create visuals using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas or mood to customers. 

Graphic designers make an average salary of $48,961, and many jobs require a bachelor’s degree.

If you have creative flair and artistic talent, this could be the perfect introvert job for you. Graphic designers usually work in small teams or on their own, so you won’t have to deal with too much office politics or water cooler talk.

4. Software Developer

If you have a background in computer science and love technology, then you might be cut out for becoming a software developer. Software developers build programs for a variety of devices, from computers to cars. If you’re an introvert with creative flair and technical skills, this could be the perfect career for you.

Additionally, many introverts find this job attractive because of its high pay (one of the highest paying jobs on this list, with a median salary of $120,730) and remote working capabilities. In fact, a survey referenced by CIO.com found that the option to work from home was a motivation for 40% of software developers.

5. Data Analyst 

If you’re an introvert who is good with numbers and enjoys solving puzzles, data analytics could be the ideal job for you. A data analyst’s job is collecting and analyzing data to help businesses make better decisions. 

With a median salary of $82,360, data analysts typically work independently or in small teams. So this way you won’t have to worry about busy work environments and constant social interaction with others.

6. Actuary

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy working with data, then pursuing actuarial science might be the ideal path for you. As an actuary, you use your knowledge of math and statistics to assess risk and predict financial outcomes. 

Actuaries make a median salary of $105,900, and your pay increases as you complete each of the 7 actuary exams.

While some actuaries do have to interact with clients from time to time, much of their work can be done independently. Spending long hours crunching numbers and assessing risks and benefits in almost perfect solitude is the life of the actuary. 

7. Mail Carrier

If sitting at home or in an office isn’t for you, then consider a job in postal delivery. Mail carriers may have to visit every house in a community, but they don’t really have to spend much time interacting with the people in that community. While you may interact with customers occasionally, much of your time will be spent alone walking or driving all day delivering mail. 

Mail carriers earn an average salary of $37,849.

8. Data Entry Specialist

If you’re detail-oriented and are proficient with using a computer, then you may want to consider  a job as a data entry specialist. As a data entry specialist, you can expect to earn an average salary of $37,190.

As the name suggests, a data entry specialist collects and reads data, and then enters them into computer systems. A mostly solitary job, data entry specialists typically work alone or in small groups. This job is for introverts who work best on their own, with little to no social interaction. 

9. Accountant

Do you have a good eye for numbers and have experience keeping track of financial records? If so, then a career in accounting might be perfect for you. As an accountant, your daily work will entail organizing, examining a company or individual’s finances. You may be expected to provide audits, document financial statements, and even give financial advice. 

An accountant typically works on their own or in small teams. While they are expected to interact with clients from time to time, much of their work can be done independently. Depending on your location and speciality, you can expect to earn an average salary of $​​65,787.

Finding a Job for Introverts

If you’re an introvert looking for a great job, there are a variety of great careers that are built for introverts and those prefer to work alone. From actuarial science to data entry to accounting, there are career paths for many different interests, personal strengths, and job requirements. 

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