KADU Designs much more than a typical design studio

Katherine DuVernois, owner of KADU Designs at 610 N. Third St., Marquette, has a multipurpose plan for local interior design. Special cabinetry, furniture and ceramics adorn her studio, which can be incorporated in her designs.

MARQUETTE — KADU Designs has a unique name, but it’s special in other ways, as well! Interior designer Katherine DuVernois, owner of the interior design studio at 610 N. Third St., Marquette, named her business from her name’s initials, KA and DU, saying she liked the sound of it as well as the mystery of people wondering about the word’s meaning. KADU Designs, though, is more than just a typical design studio that offers renderings and samples. DuVernois is available for interior and exterior consulting services, for residential and commercial projects. “I would like to offer my services not just on historic homes, but on the average home,” DuVernois said. She is also offering her services to businesses in the city of Marquette along Third Street and the downtown to help them with their branding, carrying that through their logos and exteriors to the interiors, to create a cohesive design for the entire project.

“I think that having a contractor tell you what they think you should do is not always the best way to go,” DuVernois said. “What’s needed,” she said, “is somebody who’s trained in design, with artistic talent and creativity with ‘poetry of branding.'” For example, her logo has a Japanese feel, which she said carries through from its colors to the building. She pointed out that what’s trendy is not always what’s best for everyone, and can quickly become a dated look. Instead, she wants to work with each client to create a concept unique to them.

DuVernois is a localist who prefers to work with local materials and craftspeople to create designs unique to the area. One of her focuses is custom cabinetry, all of which will be of fine craftsmanship. One cabinet line is made from reclaimed barnwood, sourced from Midwest barns, with three other U.P. cabinet makers represented. “I like the idea of minimizing my carbon footprint, as far as what I’m offering to people.” DuVernois said.

Other KADU specialties include custom drapery, and art tiles and dinnerware from Michigan ceramicists. “I feel that Marquette is vibrant community that is changing and growing,” DuVernois said, “and I see a lot of potential and opportunity!”

For more information, call 906-362-8440 or email KADUdesigns@gmail.com.