Prop bets give you something to root for

Steve Brownlee

Maybe this year the Super Bowl prop — short for “proposition” — bets will capture your attention if you find it hard to root for either team.

I mean, the New England Patriots aren’t exactly lovable or cuddly after winning so many times, being accused on multiple occasions of cheating and, of course, there’s the lovable, huggable Bill Belichick — a coach only a mother or dyed-in-the-wool Patriots fan can love.

And the Rams, well, I have a couple of friends who are lifelong fans, which is saying something since they’re a couple years older than me.

But the rest of us think maybe it should be the New Orleans Saints who will face Belichick, Brady & Co. after the botched non-call of pass interference and/or head-to-head contact late in the NFC Championship game.

Myself, being above this whole fray, don’t really have a problem with either team, though.

The Patriots probably don’t bother me because, hey, it’s not they’ve ever denied my Detroit Lions a Super Bowl victory, have they?

And with the Rams, there are so many borderline calls that can be made in a game, it’s kind of like complaining when the blackjack deck goes against you at the very end when there’s a whole bunch of earlier plays that could’ve changed how that deck was dealt.

So let’s take a brief look at a few prop bets:

≤ Among Super Bowl commercials, which brand will win USA Today’s Ad Meter? The shortest odds are on Budweiser at 15-to-1, according to www.SportsBettingDime.com, followed closely by Pepsi at 16-1, Amazon at 18-1, Hyundai at 19-1, Bud Light at 20-1 and Expensify also at 20-1.

I was surprised to see Doritos at 50-1 as they always have inventive ads through their contest for aspiring commercial makers.

≤ Which celebrity commercial will be rated lowest by USA Today Ad Meter? I couldn’t resist this one as Alex Rodriguez gets the nod for his Planters commercial at 6-1. Serena Williams follows closely at 7-1 and Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys for Doritos are at 8-1, as is Luke Wilson with Colgate.

Let’s just say none of these endorsers turn my crank.

≤ The odds that 53 points total will be scored in Super Bowl 53? It’s only 32-1, which seems like pretty low odds.

≤ Odds to win game MVP — Pats’ quarterback Tom Brady leads the way at 3-2, followed by Rams QB Jared Goff at 4-1. No other players comes in at less than 19-1, which is the odds for LA running back Todd Gurley.

≤ The over-under on part-time Michigamme resident Jay Feely, a CBS sideline reporter and special teams expert, will speak is 3.5. I get the feeling he may speak more than that in the final few minutes if the game remains close.

And that will be my segue into a pick for the game:

Super Bowl 53, New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams, at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m. Sunday, CBS — I can see Feely getting his chance to speak as Belichick will need his sleight of hand to get a leg up in this game.

I’m not going to go into some overblown analysis of this game, not with my wonderful 4-6 record in picking playoff games so far this winter.

Let’s just say when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I’ll take the old-man tandem — Brady and Belichick are a combined almost 50 years older than Goff and Rams coach Sean McVay.

The actual number is 48 as Belichick (66) and Brady (41) add up to 105 while McVay (33) and Goff (24) make it to 57 — wait a minute, that’s my age!

Without further ado, Patriots, 31-27.


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