Playoffs hard to predict, as they should be

It’s been hard to get a sense of who’s going to win in the NFL playoffs so far, and it doesn’t seem a whole lot easier this weekend, either.

Which is just the way it should be.

A few years ago when the New England Patriots looked like an unstoppable force, what was the purpose of watching any of their games before they reached the Super Bowl?

Just to see how Bill Belichick and Tom Brady would dismantle some hapless AFC opponent?

Naw, this is much better now, even as a prognosticator of games, only because I have pretty low expectations about my picks.

So let’s dive in and give this another try:

Sunday, 3 p.m.

NFC Championship: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans, Fox — If any team can be propelled ahead by home field, it should be the Saints.

Those fans can really rock the Superdome, which means in a game for all the marbles — or at least as many as a team can have in the playoffs, considering the Super Bowl is at a neutral site — this should make all the difference in the outcome.

I’m hearing about New Orleans’ defensive injuries, but remember all the problems the Rams had late in the season with their offense?

Even with Todd Gurley back, LA seems only good on the ground, whereas Saints’ QB Drew Brees can certainly handle all the passing load, even at the ripe ol’ age of 40.

So in what ought to be a good game until the last seven minutes, I’ll take the Saints, 33-24.

Sunday, 6:30 p.m.

AFC Championship: New England at Kansas City, CBS — The weather is intriguing here, as it’s supposed to be more Boston-like with temperatures in the single digits by game time in KC.

Now I’ve just read that it’s supposed to get up to 25 degrees in Kansas City, keeping wind chills a balmy above zero. Oooh.

What worried me most here was when Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said he wouldn’t wear gloves, which I thought was a mistake.

But if it isn’t as cold as originally expected, Patriots’ QB Tom Brady having experience with those gloves might not be such a difference maker.

As bad as KC’s defense is, New England’s hasn’t exactly been stellar, so again working with the home field, I’ll take the Chiefs, 34-28.

Last week — 2-2, 50 percent.

Playoffs — 4-4, 50 percent.

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