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Sometimes when one writes a football picks piece for the newspaper, it’s easy to forget that, well, people will be reading it.

And while feedback on the column isn’t all that common, it’s often negative, as in “why don’t you pick my team?” or “why DO you pick my team?” (Yes, I have been called a jinx.)

So it’s lovely to receive a positive reaction. So thank you to Nick, age 12, and his grandmother, Gail, for reaching out to tell me they’re enjoying my return to the Armchair Quarterback world. That definitely made my week.

This has been fun, but I am hoping the actual ACQB, Steve Brownlee, is back in the near future. He’s recovering nicely from his bypass surgery and will be returning before we know it.

As for this week, here are picks from the two of us. And we both wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, food and football.


Chicago at Detroit: Steve, bless his heart, is going with his main team, the Detroit Lions. He very well might be right, but in the first of the turkey-day trifecta, Chicago is my guess

Washington at Dallas: That gruesome injury to Redskins quarterback Alex Smith on Sunday made this pick a bit easier, for me at least. Both Steve and I choose Dallas

Atlanta at New Orleans: The Thanksgiving evening matchup is an NFC South show down. Anyone who watched the Saints demolish the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles will pick as Steve and I do. New Orleans


Seattle at Carolina: The Panthers missed some kicks and were unsuccessful on a two-point conversion in a loss to the Lions. The Seahawks showed heart in a rally to beat my beloved Packers last Thursday. Steve takes Carolina but I will go for an upset here with Seattle

New England at N.Y. Jets With no hesitation, both Steve and I pick New England

Jacksonville at Buffalo: Before the season got underway, this looked to be an exciting, impactful match up. Now it’s just a couple of underperformers meeting up. We both take the home team, Buffalo

San Francisco at Tampa Bay: Another barn-burner. Steve takes San Francisco but I will see if the home team can pull itself together. Tampa Bay

Oakland at Baltimore: The Raiders were jubilant in victory last week. They’re going to have to savor that one for a bit. We both say Baltimore

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia The Giants are improving but both Steve and I think the defending world champs will rebound from Sunday’s butt-kicking. Philadelphia

Cleveland at Cincinnati: The Battle for Ohio. Steve has Cincinnati but I will take the dangerous choice of choosing Cleveland

Arizona at L.A. Chargers: Two teams stung by close losses get together. If Philip Rivers can steady the ship, we’re both going to be right in selecting L.A. Chargers

Pittsburgh at Denver: Holy smokes, the Steelers are on fire. The Broncos might be a surprise winner, but Steve and I both go with Pittsburgh

Miami at Indianapolis: Andrew Luck has led the Colts to a resurgence. Don’t see Miami having what it takes to corral them. We both choose Indianapolis

Green Bay at Minnesota: The Vikings and Packers both lost last week in close contests.

My concern with my favorite team is this: the Packers are 0-5 on the road this year. In noisy Minneapolis, it’s not getting any easier. We both say Minnesota


Tennessee at Houston: The Texans are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. Nothing about the Titans recommend them in this one. We both pick Houston

Steve’s record last week: 7-6, 54 percent. Steve’s season record: 87-62-2, 58 percent.

My record as Backup ACQB: 25-15, 62 percent


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