Women’s event kicks off bowling tourney season

Steve Brownlee

Yes, it’s another bowling season, actually it’s almost two months in for us league regulars.

But I’ve heard many times that it doesn’t start feeling like the season until around Halloween, and well, it’s one day away in case you’ve forgotten to buy enough candy to keep the little ones in the neighborhood happy.

The snow has started to fall and the gales of November have jumped the gun by a few days, so it’s also already tournament season.

At least for the ladies. When the guys are out huntin’ for a deer, River Rock Lanes in Ishpeming will host the third annual Women’s Association Tournament put on by the Marquette County U.S. Bowling Congress.

This year the day was moved to Saturday, Nov. 11, to not conflict with some other women’s-focused events.

Much like last year, this will be a combined singles and doubles tournament.

Everybody starts at 2 p.m. by bowling three games for singles and the highest scores — with 100 percent handicap from 200 — will be declared the winner.

Then doubles begins with all games in the Baker format. That’s where the two teammates alternate frames to come up with a single-game score.

My understanding is that each round will consist of either one or two games — that’s the equivalent of each partner bowling a half or just one whole game — with about two-thirds or three-quarters of the teams advancing through each round.

Near the end, it sounds like there will be head-to-head matches to determine the winners, so there should be maybe four or five rounds in total, depending on the number of entries. For finalists, that would mean each partner bowling the equivalent of two to 2 1/2 games or four to five games, depending on whether each round has one or two Baker games.

There will also be a return of the red-pin frames that have proven popular in the past. Prizes will be available for only leaving the red pin, or if it’s the head pin, getting a strike.

By now, specifics of the event should be available at River Rock by stopping by or calling them at 486-8000.

The association is also working on its annual Hall of Fame banquet, which will be the third annual induction of area bowlers and contributors to the sport.

This year’s ceremony will be held on Sunday, Dec. 17.

Steve Brownlee can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 252. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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