Locals gain West-Pac Copper Division honors

Negaunee's Preston Toutant, center, sacks L'Anse quarterback Alex Kissel on a fourth-down play early in their high school football game played at the Miners' field in Negaunee Oct. 2. Also chasing on the play for the Miners is Parker Cain, right. All three were honored with selection to the 2020 West-Pac Copper Division All Conference team. (Photo courtesy Daryl T. Jarvinen)

MARQUETTE — Several local players took top honors on the 2020 West-Pac Football Copper Division All Conference team.

Westwood’s Garrett Mann, a 6-0, 195 pound senior, was named Co-Defensive Player of the Year along with Calumet’s Chet Hyrkas, a 6-1, 180 pound senior.

Negaunee’s Nash Hillier, a 5-9, 165 senior, was named Co-Offensive Player of the Year along with Caleb Evosovich-Hynes of Iron Mountain who is a 5-10, 190 pound senior.

Negaunee’s Preston Toutant, a 6-foot, 260-pound senior, was named Co-Lineman of the Year with Bryce Pietrantonio of Iron Mountain, a 6-2, 210-pound senior.

Others gaining honors:


first-team defensive line: Caleb Burklund, Iron Mountain senior, 5-10, 210; Gavin Dawson, Westwood junior, 5-10, 240; and Lenny Bjorn, Calumet junior, 5-10, 225. Houghton’s Zane Beyer, a 5-8, 180 pound senior, gained honorable mention.

Defensive end first team: Flash Gagnon, L’Anse senior, 5-10, 170; Jon Carrion, Iron Mountain senior, 6-0 175; Parker Cain, Negaunee senior, 6-3, 240; and Xander Zapolnik, Houghton senior, 6-2, 240. Earning honorable mention was Calumet senior Isaac Peterson, 6-1 215.

Outside linebacker, first team: Iron Mountain’s Evosovich-Hynes. Honorable mention went to Negaunee senior Nick Jacobetti, 5-10, 185; L’Anse senior Malecki Goyen, 5-10, 150; and Westwood senior Travis Uren, 5-9, 180.

Inside linebacker, first team: Westwood’s Mann; Calumet’s Hyrkas; and Iron Mountain’s Pietrantonio. Earning honorable mention were L’Anse junior Dysean Allen, 5-10, 190; and Houghton’s Ted Halonen, 6-0, 180.

Defensive back, first team: Zach Carlson, Westwood junior, 5-11, 170; Dante Basanese, Iron Mountain senior, 5-10, 160; and Nathan Erva, Houghton senior, 5-8 170. Honorable mention went to Westwood junior Marcus Boase, 5-8, 165.


Offensive lineman, first team: Westwood junior Gavin Dawson, 5-10 245; Westwood junior Spencer Harvala, 5-11, 235; Houghton senior Jack Borree, 6-3, 265; Negaunee’s Toutant; and L’Anse junior Eli Ostermeyer, 6-6, 270. Earning honorable mention was Calumet junior Lukas Pfau, 6-0, 175.

Tight end, first team: Iron Mountain’s Pietrantonio; and Negaunee senior Eli Loukkala, 6-5, 220. Honorable mention went to Westwood senior Jack Boase, 6-0, 190

Wide receiver, first team: Iron Mountain senior Joey Dumais, 6-2, 160; and L’Anse senior Steele Jondreau, 5-11, 160.

Fullback, first team: Iron Mountain’s Burklund and Negaunee senior Lukas Nelson, 6-0, 200.

Running back: Negaunee’s Hillier; Iron Mountain’s Evosovich-Hynes; and Calumet junior Dryden Nelson, 5-8, 160.

Quarterback, 1st team: Westwood’s Mann; and L’Anse senior Alex Kissel, 6-2, 160. Earning honorable mention was Iron Mountain senior Eli Lofholm, 6-0, 160.

Special teams

Punter: Hancock senior Austin Salani, 6-0, 190.

Kicker: Hancock Conner LeCLair, 5-10, 165.


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