Marquette Marathon draws more than 1,400 runners

The top three finishers in the men’s marathon at the Marquette Marathon are, from left, third-place finisher Robert Ashby of Brunswick, Maine, winner Noah Jacobs of Owosso, and runner-up Shane Skelcy of Rochester Hills. The marathon began in Ishpeming and ended at the Superior Dome in Marquette on Saturday. (Photo courtesy NMU)

MARQUETTE — Well over 1,000 runners participated in the Marquette Marathon on Friday night and Saturday in Marquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming and surrounding areas.

The full marathon and half-marathon together brought in 987 entrants with 952 finishing. With the addition of the Wildcat 5K Run and marathon relay, the numbers totaled 1,186 entrants, according to statistics found on the website of the event’s official timer, Superior Timing, at www.superiortiming.com.

And the one-mile Pebble Run held Friday night for youths isn’t included as timed results weren’t tabulated.

Officials at Northern Michigan University, which conducts the Marquette Marathon, said more than 1,400 took part in all, according to a news release found on the university’s athletics website, nmuwildcats.com.

The local area did produce several winners, including in the men’s half-marathon with Alex Dennis of Marquette taking that title in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 22.7 seconds, a pace of 5:17 for each mile.

He won by a little over four minutes ahead of runner-up Sam O’Donnell-Hoff of St. Paul, Minnesota, who clocked 1:13:35.5, while Robbie Watling of Hancock was third in 1:14:08.5.

Also locally, William Nolan of Marquette was ninth in 1:25:38.8, while Rob Hanson of Marquette was 16th in 1:28:13.2 and Jonathan Bjork of Marquette 19th in 1:28:50.0.

Also making the top 60 locally was Bryce Thompson of Marquette in 35th in 1:36:46.0, Brett Girard of Marquette in 36th in 1:37:28.6, James Colin of Marquette in 50th in 1:40:30.9, Greg Ghiardi of Marquette in 56th in 1:41:48.1 and Mark Zitnik of Munising in 59th in 1:42:59.2.

The Superior Timing numbers showed 227 men and 305 women entered in the half-marathon, while there were 261 men and 194 women entered in the full marathon.

For the women in the half-marathon, Kathy Vandehy of Menasha, Wisconsin, won in 1:14:11.9, more than 3 1/2 minutes ahead of runner-up Polina Hodnette of Chicago in 1:17:50.5.

Katie Swor of downstate Wyandotte was third in 1:18:36.6, as the first area finisher was Erica Nelson of Marquette in 12th in 1:33:48.9.

Lucy Johnson of Marquette was 24th in 1:41:11.5, Chelsea Roberts of Ishpeming 32nd in 1:46:28.2, Quinn Weossner of Marquette 36th in 1:48:01.8, Cassidy Thomas of Marquette 44th in 1:50:53.8 and Nina van den Ende of Marquette 47th in 1:52:18.2.

Tiffany Green of Gwinn was 50th in 1:52:47.8, Ella Fortner of Marquette 53rd in 1:53:38.5, Chelsey Sundberg of Ishpeming 58th in 1:54:32.7, Lauren Anderson of Marquette 61st in 1:55:07.8, Samantha Borzick of Marquette 64th in 1:56:08.6, Brie Bevins of Marquette 69th in 1:57:25.6 and Donna Winkel of Manistique 70th in 1:57:34.8.

In the full marathon, which is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, Noah Jacobs of downstate Owosso won by not quite two minutes in 2:34:29.7 as runner-up Shane Skelcy of downstate Rochester Hills clocked 2:36:17.5 and third-place Robert Ashby of Brunswick, Maine, finished in 2:37:39.7.

The top area men’s finisher was Soren Vigesaa of Marquette, who was 26th in 3:06:20.4 as Erich Ziegler of Marquette was right behind him in 27th in 3:06:41.4.

Sam Holmes of Marquette was 32nd in 3:08:54.8, while Randall Maxwell of Marquette was 61st in 3:23:15.2, Mason Granger of Marquette 64th in 3:25:13.3, John Garceau of Marquette 78th in 3:31:23.0 and Brandon Maki of Chatham 80th in 3:33:23.5.

In the women’s marathon, Violet Butts of downstate Rockford prevailed in 2:59:49.5, not quite three minutes ahead of runner-up Stephanie Brown of Madison, Wisconsin, in 3:02:37.4 as Natalie Burant of Milwaukee was third in 3:02:53.3.

The top area finisher was Danielle Mattson of Michigamme, who was 35th in 3:37:44.3. Michelle Khouli of Marquette was 42nd in 3:45:14.9, while Chandra Ziegler of Marquette was 50th in 3:49:55.9, Leah Vizena of Marquette 66th in 4:03:22.5. Wendy Frye of Gwinn 81st in 4:12:08.7 and Olivia Adams of Marquette 85th in 4:13:17.8.

The M5K Moon Man trio won the marathon relay’s coed division among 10 teams in 3:17:53.4, a little over 3 1/2 minutes ahead of Vecna’s Army in 3:21:30.6.

M5K was based in Asheville, North Carolina, and included Michael Meyer, Steve Phalen and Katie Phalen, while Vecna’s was based in downstate Goodrich and was made up of Eric Hildebrand, Marc Hildebrand and Alysha Weigold.

U.P. Rehab of Munising, which included Penny Tussing, Sarah Kilpela and Abbey Zitnik, won the relay women’s division in 3:33:00.9, nearly 20 minutes ahead of runner-up SingleTrack Health Runners of Marquette in 3:52:29.5. SingleTrack included Sara Stevens, Jorrie Houle and Mackenzie Kuhl.

The Marquette-based Ya Mudda Cooks Wit Ragu, made up of Aaron Cook, David Schmitt and Kraig Goddard, won the men’s relay in 3:38:06.3.

The Wildcat 5K — five-kilometer — Run drew 148 entrants with 94 women, 53 men and one nonbinary.

Women’s winner Chessie Sergey of Marquette finished in 21:20.2, almost 45 seconds ahead of runner-up Shannon Hanley of Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 22:03.8.

Pamela Malmsten of Ishpeming was fourth in 23:04.9, Rebecca Kraemer of Negaunee sixth in 23:36.7, Margaret Duckwall of Marquette eighth in 24:57.7 and Sarah Busscher of Marquette 10th in 25:57.2.

Also cracking the top 20 was Emily Carlson of Ishpeming in 13th in 26:32.7, Rachel Smith of Marquette 14th in 26:49.2, Alia Segerstrom of Manistique 16th in 27:22.7, Megan Richards of Negaunee 18th in 27:41.9 and Amanda Mathie of Marquette 19th in 28:23.3.

Men’s winner Qwynn Darnell, who didn’t have a hometown listed, won in 17:27.2, about 43 seconds ahead of runner-up Henry Plummer of Negaunee in 18:10.6.

Taylor Manis of Marquette was fourth in 20:19.1 and Sebastian Ferguson of Negaunee ninth in 22:57.6.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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