Marquette BMX up and running through August

MARQUETTE — The Marquette BMX track held three nights of racing through last week during this summer, including its Olympic Day on Thursday. Four nights have been on the schedule, but last week’s event on Tuesday was rained out.

The track is located at the Kaufman Sports Complex off Hawley Street in north Marquette.

BMX, or bicycle motorcross or bike motocross, has multiple BMX bikes racing on a dirt track with tight turns and hills that make the events much more about skill than straight-out sprinting.

To contact the Marquette club, email to marquettebmxMI@gmail.com or call one of the track operators, Dave Niemi, at 362-7798.

Newcomers are welcome on any regular night of racing, and Niemi said that new racers can race for free on their first night. Though the majority of racers are teens and preteens, adults also take part with races held around age groups present that day. Requirements are a BMX bike, full face helmet (including mouth coverage), a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes.

The Marquette club holds racing each Tuesday and Thursday night through the end of August, with additional races on the weekend of July 17-19. Registration on regular nights is from 6 to 6:30 p.m. at the track and racing beginning at 7 p.m. Registration fee each regular race night is $5, probably through the end of summer as trophies aren’t available due to coronavirus pandemic guidelines. Instead, ribbons are being handed out.

On the special weekend, a double-points night will be on Friday, July 17, with registration from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and racing at 7 p.m. On Saturday, July 18, a state race double-points event has registration from 10-11:30 a.m. with the racing time to be announced, though expected to be around noon. The Sunday, July 19, regular race holds registration from 10 a.m.-noon with a racing time to be announced. Registration fees on Friday and Saturday are $25 each day and $5 on Sunday.

Here are results from the three nights so far:



On Thursday, Marquette residents Owen Chapman, 5 years old, and Zachary Nielsen, 9, each won for the third time already this season.

Here are results:

15 Cruiser — Lucas Basal, Connor Himes, Jackson Rasmussen

17-20 Cruiser — Aleut Hatfield, Fred Minor, Steve Basal

5-under Novice — Owen Chapman, Raven Selden, Arjuna Zender

6 Novice — Brooks Dessellier, Senya Smith, Shay Elliston

8 Novice — Max Cody, Ivan Proctor, Zia Elliston

9 Novice — Zachary Nielsen, Eli Verlinden, Chase Dessellier

11 Novice — Gavin Dessellier, Harley Taylor, Cadence Cavill

41-45 Novice — David Niemi, Fred Minor, Steve Basal

8 Intermediate — Da’Veigh Carlson, Fallyn Norville, Eli Swanson

12 Intermediate — Jackson Rasmussen, Lexi Curran, Bryce Baehr

13 Intermediate — Charlie Swanson, Liam Thompson, Riley Hoban

14 Expert — Lucas Basal, Jack Anderton, Aidan Morgan



Ethan Lyons, an 8-year-old Novice rider, picked up his first win.

Here are results:

17-20 Cruiser — Lucas Basal, Fred Minor, Steve Basal

5-under Novice — Owen Chapman, Jesse Worden, Harlow Klumb

7 Novice — Ivan Proctor, Shay Elliston, Brooks Dessellier

8 Novice — Ethan Lyons, Dominick Taylor, Zia Elliston

10 Novice — Zachary Nielsen, Gavin Dessellier, Jaylei Glenn

13 Novice — Liam Thompson, Cadence Cavill

41-45 Novice — Steve Basal, Fred Minor, Bruce Dessellier

8 Intermediate — Fallyn Norville, Eli Swanson, Eric Worden

13 Intermediate — Lucas Basal, Jack Anderton, Charie Swanson



Opening night featured Graham Gusky in the 8-year-old Novice class picking up his 10th Novice win to automatically be promoted to Intermediate class.

Here are results:

17-20 Cruiser — Doug Pennala, Lucas Basal, Nathan Chapman

5-under Novice — Owen Chapman, Raven Selden, Jesse Worden

7 Novice — Max Cody, Ivan Proctor, Senya Smith

8 Novice — Graham Gursky, Ethan Lyons, Dominick Taylor

10 Novice — Zachary Nielsen, Jaylei Glenn, Harley Taylor

13 Novice — Liam Thompson, Cadence Cavill, Celina Stephens

41-45 Novice — David Niemi, Steve Basal, Fred MInor

7 Intermediate — Eric Worden, Finley Selden, Eli Swanson

13 Intermediate — Charlie Swanson, Jackson Rasmussen, Lexi Curran

9 Expert — Cole Goedert, Nathan Chapman, Fallyn Norville

17-20 Expert — Michael Noble, Lucas BasaL, Jack Anderton

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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