Mark Clements, Mark Duquette, KC Bjorne defend Wawonowin Country Club 3-man golf title

This trio won the overall title at the annual Three-Man Scramble golf tournament held at Wawonowin Country Club in Champion last weekend. From left are K.C. Bjorne, Mark Clements and Mark Duquette. They needed two playoff holes to win. (Photo courtesy Andrea Jackson)

CHAMPION — The team of Mark Clements, Mark Duquette and KC Bjorne successfully defended their annual Three-Man Scramble golf tournament title held at Wawonowin Country Club in Champion over the weekend.

They needed two playoff holes to fend off the advances of the runner-up trio of Brandon Skytta, Dan Ellis and Cody Robinson after each team posted a Saturday-Sunday total of 114 on rounds of 55 and 59.

Here are the other flight winners, with their score each day and total scores:

1st flight — Carter Mason, Jordan Mason and Brad Mason, 62-62–124; 2nd — Dan Oja, Joe Frustaglio and Mike Guenette, 64-62–126; 3rd — Kurt Wicklund, Shay Korpi and Steve Sundblad, 66-65–131; 4th — Jeff Aho, Ray Peterson and Chris Magnuson, 67-66–133; 5th — KC Saari, Scott Saari and Eric Saari, 69-64-133; 6th — Ike Isaacson, Don Heliste and Larry Rasanen, 70-67–137; 7th — Henry Heliin, Dan Swanson and Mike Rivord, 70-64–134; 8th — Justin Koski, Jerry Koski and Danny Bingle, 72-62–134; 9th — Terry Roberts, Luke Roberts and Norm Stanaway, 74-70–144; 10th — Roger Bergman, Ron Bergman and Craig Michaud, 74-69–143; 11th — Jerry Racine, Larry Bluse and Doug Kaleva, 76-73-149.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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