Kyle Maki on historic run on the lanes in Ishpeming

Steve Brownlee

There have been several perfect 300 games and their companion U.S. Bowling Congress honor series, 800 or better, bowled at River Rock Lanes in Ishpeming in the first 4 1/2 months of the season.

But only one bowler has one of each.

And that’s Ishpeming resident and Baraga-area native Kyle Maki, who notched both his first career 300 and first-ever 800 about 2 1/2 months apart in the Tuesday Major League.

Participating in the center’s No. 1 league for big scores probably doesn’t hurt, as two 300s and two 800s have been bowled on that night, along with three men carrying 220-plus averages and another three in the 210s.

Maki rolled an 804 series on Sept. 25 with games of 279, 278 and 247 using his 15-pound Storm Intense Fire reactive resin ball.

The first game featured a 10-pin around mid-game to go with 11 strikes, while the second had a less-typical first and “11th”-frame spares (second ball in the 10th frame) with nine strikes in a row in between.

“Everything felt good and the shot really held up well,” Maki said. “I just wasn’t sure what I needed in the 10th (frame of the final game) for 800.”

He didn’t see it as a fluke, considering that two weeks later he subbed in the Friday 800 Mixed League at Superior Lanes in Marquette and shot a 777 series.

Then on Dec. 11, he rolled 300 the final game of a 761 series that began with 217 and 244, this time using his other ball, a 15-pound Storm Code X resin.

“That ball just carried great the last game, especially the 10-pins,” Maki said. “I usually run into problems leaving them later in the night.”

He’s holding onto a 212 average in the Tuesday league, only trailing Justin Stephens at 226, Glenn Ayotte at 222, Steve Windahl at 220 and Scott Salminen at 214, while Maki is even with Evan Tapio at 212.

Recently, the league opened up its membership to women, too, with Brianna Holm leading the way with a 175 average and Brenda Carlson 173.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of those names just mentioned when I delve into other honor scores bowled in the area this season.

And don’t forget the pro bowlers, who are on every Sunday on either Fox-U.P. of FS1, with varying start times, and also with a number of telecasts being carried live.

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