Carlson, Ball star in Ishpeming

By Journal Sports Staff

ISHPEMING — Dan “DC” Carlson of Wonder Bar had a break-and-run and Kevin Ball of Rainbow an 8-ball break during the Ishpeming Men’s Pool League on Jan. 9.

Jack’s 1 scored the biggest victory, 19-5 over Jack’s 3, while Wonder Bar tripled up Paradise 18-6, Rainbow beat Jack’s 2 14-10 and Tilden Club downed Royal 2 and Riverside nipped Wayside by 13-11 scores.

On Jan. 2, Carlson joined Joe Bauer of Wayside and Dan Willey of Jack’s 1 with 8-ball breaks, while Ron “Tuner” Turner of Jack’s 2 and Tony Norem of Royal 1 had break-and-runs.

Royal 1 blitzed Paradise 19-5, Riverside doubled up Tilden 16-8, Jack’s 2 eased past Wayside 14-10 and close 13-11 wins were turned in by Wonder Bar over Jack’s 1 and Venice over Royal 2.

Royal 1 won the first round with a 199-89 record and 22 match points, while Jack’s 1 was second and Wonder Bar third.

On Dec. 12, three players from Royal 1 each had break-and-runs — Glen Fisk, Tony Norem and Tom Auston.

Also getting in on that fun was Rick Kjellman of Wonder Bar, Bill Olson and Ben Grossenheim of Jack’s 3 and Bob Prisk of Tilden.

Brandon Scarfo of Royal 2 and Greg Reetz of Royal 3 had 8-ball breaks.

Royal 2 beat up Paradise 17-7, Royal 1 downed Royal 3 and Venice got past Wayside by 14-10 scores, and narrow 13-11 victories were turned in by Rainbow over Tilden, Wonder Bar over Jack’s 2 and Jack’s 3 over Riverside.

On Dec. 5, Prisk, Joe Bauer of Wayside, Erick VanGinkle of Jack’s 2 and Steve Laneville of Paradise all had 8-ball breaks, while Fred VanLuven of Tilden, Roger Dakota of Rainbow and John Jonas of Jack’s 2 had break-and-runs.

Wonder Bar posted an 18-6 win over Jack’s 3, Paradise got a 17-7 victory over Royal 3 and Jack’s 1 doubled up Tilden 16-8. Royal 1 beat Wayside 15-9 while ekeing out 13-11 wins were Rainbow over Jack’s 2 and Riverside over Venice.

On Nov. 28, Norem and Paul Richards of Jack’s 1 had break-and-runs.

Royal 1 tripled down on Riverside 18-6, Royal 2 got a 14-10 win over Royal 3 and 13-11 victories were posted by Rainbow over Jack’s 3, Jack’s 2 over Jack’s 1 and Wonder Bar over Venice. Wayside and Paradise played to a 12-12 tie.

On Nov. 7, Norem, Gordy Stone of Wonder Bar and Cody Bourdeau of Jack’s 3 had break-and-runs.

Jack’s 1 popped an 18-6 win over Jack’s 3, Jack’s 2 felled Tilden 16-8, Royal 1 held off Wonder Bar 15-9 and 13-11 wins were turned in by Royal 2 over Wayside and Riverside over Paradise. Venice and Rainbow played to a 12-12 tie.

On Oct. 31, Auston had a break-and-run while Ball had an 8-ball break.

Wayside pulled a 22-2 stunner on Royal 3, Wonder Bar flipped over Paradise 19-5, Royal 1 decapitated Rainbow 19-5, Tilden doubled up for a 16-8 win over Jack’s 3, Jack’s 1 eased past Venice 13-11 and Riverside and Royal played to a 12-12 tie.

On Oct. 24, Bill Olson of Jack’s 1 had a break-and-run while teammate Derek Auston had an 8-ball break.

Wonder Bar tripled up for an 18-6 win over Royal 2, Riverside pulled up for a 17-7 win over Royal 3 and Rainbow beat Paradise and Jack’s 1 got by Royal 1 by the same 15-9 scores. Jack’s 2 took care with a 14-10 win over Jack’s 3, whle Venice slipped by Tilden 13-11.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is