Hard to keep faith in some NFL teams: Recuperating ACQB makes week 10 picks

Many have asked how our Armchair Quarterback Steve Brownlee is doing after having triple bypass surgery recently.

The answer is he’s doing pretty well. He’s recuperating with the help of his family right now but took a few minutes to convey his NFL picks for this week.

Just like last week, I will share with you loyal readers Steve’s predictions for week 10, then offer if I, as the backup ACQB, agrees or disagrees. This week, he gave me his choices over the phone, so I can add a bit of his commentary.

Keep thinking good thoughts for Steve. Hopefully he’ll be feeling much better and soon will be back to take over this column once again.

As for week 10:


Carolina at Pittsburgh: It should be a good game, Steve said, and he picked Carolina to come out on top. As much as I enjoy watching Antonio Brown (who played his college ball at my alma mater, Central Michigan University, by the way), I will agree with the ACQB. Carolina


Detroit at Chicago: Steve’s a long-suffering Lions fan, but immediately said Chicago as his winner for this one. The Lions are better than they showed last weekend, but again, I agree. Chicago

New Orleans at Cincinnati: The Saints are an exciting team, for sure, and while Cincinnati is in the thick of the AFC North race, both Steve and I go with New Orleans

Atlanta at Cleveland: Steve said he is tempted to pick the Browns but couldn’t muster up enough faith in that team to pull the trigger. Yep. We both say Atlanta

Miami at Green Bay: Steve’s assessment is the Packers will pull themselves together for this home game. My green-and-gold heart hope he’s correct and I go with the same pick. Green Bay

Jacksonville at Indianapolis: ACQB said he’s lost faith in Jacksonville and never had any faith in Indianapolis. So he went with Indianapolis at home. What the heck. I will go with Jacksonville

Arizona at Kansas City: Steve said to go with whoever Arizona is playing. When it’s the Chiefs, that’s a smart move. We both like Kansas City

Buffalo at New York Jets: Steve heard “Buffalo” and said he’d take whoever the Bills were facing. So that makes it two for the New York Jets

Washington at Tampa Bay: Steve reviewed the teams’ play in Week 9 and somewhat hesitantly took Tampa Bay. We disagree on this one as I have a hunch and will go withWashington

New England at Tennessee: The Titans might have shocked the Cowboys this past Monday night, but the Patriots are certainly not the Cowboys. We both pick New England

L.A. Chargers at Oakland: This was another “whoever plays …” in this case, Oakland. The Raiders haven’t impressed so it’s two for the Chargers

Seattle at the L.A. Rams: The Rams are coming off a tough loss to New Orleans. Steve thinks they will be ready. Coach Sean McVay will have put the Rams through their paces this week. We agree. Rams

Dallas at Philadelphia: Steve thought this was a tricky one to pick. But he and I ended up with the same selection. Philadelphia


N.Y. Giants at San Francisco: Bet ESPN is thrilled to have teams with three wins combined facing off on MNF. Steve likes San Francisco and rising star QB Nick Mullens. I will go out on a limb and take the listless N.Y. Giants. Because that’s the kind of season it has been.

Steve’s record last week: 10-3, 77 percent. Steve’s season record: 83-49-2, 62 percent.

My record as Backup ACQB: 11-2, 85 percent