Football picks have led to renewed NFL jones-ing

The weeks fly by sometimes, don’t they? It’s crazy that December is just about here and the NFL season is in week 13 and it’s time to pick this week’s games already.

It had been quite a few years since Armchair Quarterback was part of my weekly work. With our reigning ACQB Steve Brownlee still on the mend from heart surgery, here I am again, doing the backup thing.

Wasn’t sure how it would be to have to pay better attention to the NFL so I could at least write a little bit about my picks. To be truthful, in the years I wasn’t writing this column, there were weeks during which I barely looked at scores.

But now with a legit reason to really pay attention, even after a full week of NFL action, by Tuesday, I am jones-ing to get back to the action.

Steve is healing nicely, by the way, and could be back soon. We’ll see if that cures my renewed NFL addiction.

On to lucky week 13’s games:


L.A. Rams at Detroit: Maybe there will be a Motown Miracle, but it will most likely be a blowout by the California kids. Steve and I agree. Rams

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Carolina needs this badly to keep playoff hopes alive. The Bucs are inconsistent, so both Mr. B and I choose: Carolina

Arizona at Green Bay: The Packers, a preseason favorite by many pundits, will be fighting to keep a glimmer of postseason hope alive. They should win this one at home, Steve and I concur. Green Bay

Denver at Cincinnati: The Broncos were able to contain the Steelers and should be able to do likewise with the Bengals. Steve and I match again. Denver

Baltimore at Atlanta: Our roads diverge here. Steve takes Atlanta but it’s my belief the Ravens will prevail. So for me, Baltimore

Chicago at N.Y. Giants: All those national experts who recently had the Giants making a playoff run are no doubt rethinking things. We both pick Chicago

Cleveland at Houston: Cleveland came through for me pick-wise last week. Not so much this week. We agree. Houston

Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Watching Jacksonville now makes it hard to recall they were a playoff team last season. We both choose Indianapolis

Buffalo at Miami: Steamy Miami won’t be a spot for the Bills to roam. Again agreeing. Miami

N.Y. Jets at Tennessee: Can the J-E-T-S win on the road this week? We say nope. Tennessee

Kansas City at Oakland: After a week’s rest, the Chiefs are going to be primed to get back into the win column. Kansas City, times two

San Francisco at Seattle: The Seahawks pulled out a win at Carolina last week and should have an easier time of it against this weak division rival. We both say Seattle

Minnesota at New England: The Vikings want to keep pace with the Bears but the Patriots will not be kind hosts. We both choose New England

L.A. Chargers at Pittsburgh: This game was moved into prime time for a reason. These are quality football squads. The Steelers let me down last week, but at home, Steve and I both choose: Pittsburgh


Washington at Philadelphia: No Alex Smith, no Redskins win. We don’t disagree yet again. Philadelphia

Steve’s record last week: 10-5, 67 percent. Steve’s season record: 97-67-2, 58 percent.

My record last week: 14-1, 93 percent and as Backup ACQB: 39-16, 71 percent