Voss, Bothwell top U19 defenders

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Royal Blue’s Sydney Voss and Neon Orange’s Cullen Bothwell were named the top defensive players in their Under-19 coed game played on Monday in the Superiorland Soccer Association.

Here are scorers for the division’s teams that day:

Neon Yellow — Nathan Ostlund, Bailey Loukinen, Kylie Lhuillier and Thomas Truckey

Red — Rocco Carlson, Colin Bjorne, Ryan Kemp

Royal Blue — Mari Davis, Jaden Wrobel, Karsten Kamps

Neon Orange — Greg O’Hagan, Elina Zhana


These are scorers from Wednesday’s games:

Teams 3 vs. 7 — Carson Ingersoll

Teams 5 vs. 1 — Joseph Langston, Ayden Beaudry and Lamb Nagfeeson

Teams 2 vs. 6 — Luke Syrjala, Mariyah “MJ” Willis, Kainoa Lacar, Jhon Jarvey, Quinn Kerekes and Eikijah Manis


Scorers from recent games include these girls:

Hulk Smash — Grace Seger, Leah Gobert, Olivia Bonetti and Carter Granger

Neon Pandas — Kaylen Wallner

Purple Pugs — Anna Grzelak, Meghan MacPhee and Madison Soeltner


Several scorers for the Cuties were not included from a June 5 — Ida Larson and Jaylee Dellies.

These are scorers from last Monday’s games:

Purple Power — Haylie Mariette and Giana Rowe

Saphirre Blue Blazers — Tessa Bruns, Mya Joy Hemmer, Elisa Malherbe and Jocelyn Mead

Neon Narwhales — Joslyn Leuzzo, Adia Holm, Lily Shunk and Ava Stern

Yellow Spotted Lizards — Samantha Nelson, Makenna Champion and Kiera Heino

Cuties — Jaylee Dellies

Thunderbirds — Sienna Traye and Elle DeBolt


Scorers from last week:

Team 4 — Alaina Eagle, Lila Eagle, Lillian Balko, Alannah Barrett and Elizabeth McKnight

Blue Dolphins — Grace Shandonay

Pink Mermaids — Anna Tuccini and Nora Skytta


Goal scorers from games played Tuesday:

Team 1 — Iziah Friisvall, Levi Ellis, Ayden Pentecost and Landon Faccio

Team 4 — Skyler Blackburn, Matt Hoff, Ty Martin and Joe Provost

Team 7 — Maris Kulbieda and Austin Buck

Team 8 — Ayden Plantenga, Coltyn Plantenga, Braylon Zdunek, Charlie Hrodey and Luke Bressette

Light Blue Sharks — Henry Blaksmith, Aiden Cardinal and Evy Symbal

Blue Flames — Landon Hartung, Kiplin Hartman and Jason VanAntwerp

Steel Blue Knights — Easton Dellies, Evan Dellies, Carter Tonella and Logan Bonanni


Scorers from recent games:

Team 13 — Nathan Contreras and Kadein Brooks

Superheroes — Adaleigh Beaudry

Blue Crushers — Isaac Sheen, Johnathan Sheen and Jaxsin Storms

Grey Thunder — Grayson Beaudoin, Leighton Ebel, Jace Ogea and Conrad Ross

Green Flash — Sydney Kuhl, Karson Miron, Jordyn Keys, Luke Stevens and Seda Hrodey

Team 5 — Olivia Gregorich, Liza Lindsay, Hunter Quayle and Asher Sandstrom

Team 4 — Elin Betz

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@ miningjournal.net.