Golf champs crowned

CHAMPION – The threesome of Mark Clements, Jared Koski and KC Bjorne captured top honors in the Wawonowin Country Club 3-Man Scramble held July 18-19.

They came in with a 115 score on rounds of 54 and 61.

Dan Viitala, Matt Argall and Scott Macauley placed second with a 58-60-118; Brandon Skytta, Brandon Femea and Tom Farley were third with 59-60-118; and Scott Saari, Eric Saari and KC Saari placed fourth, 60-61-121.

Other winners were as follows:

First flight: Miles Buck, Jay Chapman, Scott Koski, 63-65-128

Second flight: Jon Kamps, Tom Robinson, Mike Gagnon, 64-59-123

Third flight: Steve Broadwell, Eric Holmes, Jeff Holmes, 64-63-127

Fourth flight: Mark Melka, Larry Melka, Marty Warner, 65-65-130

Fifth flight: Matt Adamczyk, Bob Adamczyk, Terry Steinhoff, 66-62- 128

Sixth flight: Henry Heliin, Mike Rivord, Tony Chapman, 67-65-132

Seventh flight: Dan Curran, Ron Curran, Jon Greenleaf, 69-67-136

Eighth flight: Tom Fleury. Mike Uren, Gary Sparpana, 70-63-133

Ninth flight: Pete Sayring, Pete Epper, Scott Bjork, 72-67-139

10th flight: Jim Laakso, Randy Poirier, Larry Lenz, 73-71-144