Bucks unveil new uniforms

MILWAUKEE (AP) – The Bucks are giving their uniforms a cleaner look while adding a blue stripe on the inside of the collar to emphasize what the franchise calls the workmanlike mindset of the team and region.

The uniform incorporates Milwaukee team colors updated earlier this year. Red is out while cream is in, joining green as a base color.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered Saturday in a sunny park as workers unfurled a giant poster of the uniforms over the side of a building.

It capped a busy week in Milwaukee after state and municipal leaders reached a deal to help the team build a new $500 million arena. The deal still needs legislative approval.

“It’s a great step forward. We’ve still got a long road,” team president Peter Feigin said about the arena deal. “But this is all positive momentum.”

Road uniforms will display “Milwaukee” across the chest for the first time since 1977.

The stripe inside the collar is tinted “Great Lakes blue,” a hue also used as an accent color on the outside of the uniform.

“The new look is a perfect representation of the city and state we call home – honoring our blue-collar community values in a modern design that speaks to the exciting future for the team and region,” Bucks vice president Alex Lasry said.

Feigin estimated that several thousand fans would attend the free, afternoon-long event that had the feel of a large block party.

The turnout surprised even team officials and players, including young franchise cornerstones Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo.