Northern Michigan University eSports team pulls off upset

MARQUETTE — The Northern Michigan University eSports team completed a comeback and upset win over nationally ranked No. 22 Kansas State, 2-1, over the weekend.

Game 1 of the series saw KSU win with great play from their mid laner on the champion Qiyana, using early game advantages and aggression to control the game.

NMU changed up the draft in Game 2 on red side and got out of draft with a considerable advantage and through the play of Dillon “Lost Astartes” Gaines and Austin “Not in My House” Bergquist as each set Wildcats records — Gaines for Champion Elimination in a single game at 17 and Bergquist with 30 assists in a single game as well as most KP in a game with 37.

Game 3 saw NMU carry over the momentum from the previous contest for another clean and quick victory, finishing the upset with a decisive victory in 20 minutes, 44 seconds.

Bergquist again made play after play and his catches were a key factor in the victory, and for the third victorious series in a row, he was named series MVP.

The Wildcats remain in playoff contention with the win as they await this weekend’s for a chance to compete against the best in the North Region.

For more information, follow at https://www.twitch.tv/nmuesports and https://twitter.com/NMUesports.


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