New leadership ready to go

To the Journal editor:

As summer begins, I am excited that this election year we have three great candidates to represent us at the state and national level. Jenn Hill is seeking re-election to the state legislature from the 109th House District.

Callie Barr is running for Congress in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. Elissa Slotkin in vying to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate. They are part of a new generation of leaders who are thoughtful, smart, experienced, capable, energetic, and effective.

We all know Jenn Hill, who has been serving as our representative in the state legislature. In Lansing, she has made her mark as an expert on the environment, technology, jobs and economic development.

She is continually meeting with residents in our area, listening to our issues, and learning. Her warmth and compassion enable her to gain the trust of others to achieve goals together.

Callie Barr has been an effective advocate for military families through Blue Star Families and the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers. As the spouse of a disabled veteran, she is more passionate and knowledgeable about veterans’ issues than anyone else running in the 1st District of Michigan.

Furthermore, she is not a single-issue candidate. As a former teacher, she has first-hand experience with education policy issues. As a lawyer, she will uphold our constitution and defend our democracy. As a fifth-generation resident of our district, she knows us and will represent us with integrity in Congress.

Elissa Slotkin keeps politics real. She has great ideas about how to improve the lives of people living in Michigan. As a former intelligence officer who did three tours of duty in the Middle East, she is an expert on international issues and national defense. She is brave, articulate, honest, practical and funny. Having served in Congress, she will have a running start.

This new generation makes me feel energized about the political process, and optimistic about our future.

I am ready to rally for Callie, jump in with Jenn, and elect Elissa. You can learn more about them at their websites, share your issues with them at local events, support them with donations and volunteering, talk with your friends and family about them, and show up to vote for them in the primary election Aug. 6 and the general election Nov. 5.


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