Person-to person best

To the Journal editor:

With the continued advancement of technology, loneliness is a growing problem in our world with more texting, smart phones and even when you go to the stores, many have self-checkouts, no cashiers to talk to.

Even getting phone calls, many are recordings and with A.I. coming, means robots or images of people that are not real ones. Many health magazines I read say to get back to talking to people in person, also make a phone and a personal note or letter is the way to go, just think a letter in the mail, not on a machine, time will tell but its moving the wrong way and more young people will become lonely.

Many are having mental problems now. The only way to get back to real life is get out and be with people who still like to talk to each other. Also, get out and enjoy the great outdoors, not sit in front of a machine. Lucky for me, I never got influenced into the tech stuff, I love to get out and lucky to still be able to find people who like to talk to each other in person, time will tell.

Hope that in time our society will realize loneliness and get back to human communication and not technology.

Thank you.


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