Season of faith

To the Journal editor:

Spring is on the way. Have you noticed the days are longer and we might get more snow, but it should melt faster. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a lot of beauty each season. I’ve been reading articles written by others to improve your health by getting off the tech stuff, smartphones, computers.

Not good for your mental health. No personal connection with our fellow human beings. Even phone calls or written notes is more personal. I’ve read in the health magazines to do that. Also, this is Easter (season). Those who choose to follow the Lord, its the story of our Lord, Jesus.

First, the terrible suffering by crucifixion. We all have health problems over and suffer, but suffer but it can’t come close to being hung on a cross, nails in your hands and die slowly. But the good news of Easter is Jesus died but on Easter He rose from the dead and the promise of His return will be a life that’s beyond any Earthly life.

A place with no sorrow, pain or getting old. A place called heaven. So a lot going on in March. For me, it’s one day at a time and be thankful for many blessings and as I have said before, living in our U.P. of Michigan, no matter the weather, be sure to get out and not miss the beauty in the month of March.

Happy Easter and God’s blessings each day.


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