Trump said it

To the Journal editor:

Suckers and losers.

Those are the words of Donald Trump. I wish I would have wrote this earlier.

If anyone is a sucker and loser, Donald Trump is. He was a daddy’s boy so, of course, he wouldn’t let him go into the service, he might get hurt.

My grandfather served in World War II with a lot of other men. They weren’t suckers and losers, they were men who wanted to serve their country and hats off to all of them.

They were willing and didn’t think about what would happen to them. They just went and did their jobs.

When you think that Trump cares about you or me, you better think again because he sure doesn’t. He only thinks about himself and his money, of course. Can you see Trump in the war? What a joke that would be.

I know many of my friends’ husbands were in the war. Well, do you know Donald Trump thinks they are suckers and losers?

You want him to be our president? What has he done for us? He wants to be a dictator, not a president. Of course, his good friends are dictators. Of course, it is your choice, but you have to live with it.

He lies about so much, we keep up on things and have heard many of them.

He calls people down so much, maybe his wife behind her back, especially if she doesn’t do what he wants.

He will ruin our democracy, which he would love to do. His behavior is so bad. Can’t talk nice or decent about anything.

I’m sure others have heard him say, “Those who serve are suckers and losers.” What a let down for our servicemen (and women) who I am proud of for our freedom.


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