Seasons change

To the Journal editor:

September is here and time for weather to change, we will still have some warm days. But more darkness as the days get shorter. But think of the positive.

You don’t have to close your windows because of the heat. Let in some of the fresh air, put the air conditioner off and enjoy the comfort of getting the heat to where you like it.

Plus, soon the leaves turn color and there’s a lot of beauty in that, plus, so long bugs.

How about less humidity? So many good things in the change of seasons. I remember being in the Phillipines for one year in the U.S. Coast Guard. It was very hot and humid with a lot of rain at times. No change, same weather all the time.

And also, in Hawaii while in the Coast Guard, we had very nice weather but you are on an island. You can’t go very far. Not like here, where you can get into your car and enjoy the beauty in all of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

So in closing, I like my time in the U.P. of Michigan, someplace special. Try to get out and enjoy the change of seasons.

We don’t get bored with the same weather every day. Thank the Lord for we live, as is said by many, in God’s Country.

Thank you,


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