Change mascot with much care

To the Journal editor:

It is true that many athletic mascots still exist today that offend considerable segments of our society either in their names or in the portrayal of their names.

When a majority of all decent people affected by a mascot agree that these offensive elements exist, then they should be changed. This is the beauty of democracy.

However, there should not be a meat-ax overreaction. Not all mascots that only a few find offensive need to be abolished.

Furthermore, teams with acceptable names, but mascots that offensively portray the names, need only change the portrayal. Many mascots are truly intended to honor, and in the eyes of many, they do honor.

Marquette has experienced the impact that visual communication can have during the process of changing Marquette Senior High Schools logo.

Reverting back to the block M hasn’t allowed us to move forward. The challenge of finding a new one is up to you.


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