Simpler times are recalled

To the Journal editor:

A Christmas message: This is the time when the real light of the world came into the world. Dec. 25 is as we have on our calendar is the birthday of Jesus.

He came to show us the real way of living, love and concern about each other. As I have written many times, it’s quite different now. Back when I was young in the 1940s and 1950s, it was after Thanksgiving we celebrated the real meaning of Christmas.

Go to church and enjoy the music and the people gathering together in person not the new way, lots of texting and email etc.

Also prayers and being thankful for many blessings of family friends and enjoy the winter weather clean white snow and most would get out and enjoy the outdoors. Skating, skiing. Back then no snowmobiles or other riding machines. A simple lifestyle. Not like today. Much different.

So in closing, I’m glad I was able to enjoy my younger years with a more peaceful and loving people. No big rushing around and hardly any cars. Changing times. I just try to stay on the way I’ve talked about. Enjoy the seasons the beauty we have around us in nature still pretty clear air and good water etc.

One day at a time with the Lord Jesus and on Dec. 25, happy happy birthday Jesus and thanks for coming into the world to show us the real way to live.

Merry Christmas and God’s blessings.


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