Give middle class break

To the Journal editor:

I’m responding to a letter about college tuition debt relief.

I am an independent swing voter and a social moderate. I know college tuition is getting out of hand for the average person. I think colleges could cut costs.

I worked hard at a job for 46 years and now am living on a retirement income. I worked my butt off to provide for my family and buy a nice home.

I’ve lived through three recessions, and had to be careful financially to make it easier to get through them. I do believe I should not have to pay for someone else’s debt.

I know the person who wrote the letter is in favor of relieving tuition debt and is a professional and lived on higher income then the average American.

I am not criticizing higher income earners. I know once the government gets involved, the middle class will pay.

I hope we can relieve college debt but not at the expense of hard working Americans.


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